Access-Ability Services
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Access-Ability Services

Access-Ability Services (formerly Learning Plus) provides services and accommodations to eligible students who have learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, acquired brain injuries, and Asperger's syndrome.  Please note that some students who received services and accommodations in high school may not qualify at the postsecondary level. The University of Hartford requires students to submit specific diagnostic documentation to Access-Ability Services to determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis. According to federal laws (Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act), it is incumbent upon the student to prove that s/he has a current disability that substantially limits learning in order to receive college-level accommodations. Determination of eligibility and appropriate accommodations is the sole responsibility of the Director of Access-Ability Services.

Students who choose to disclose their disability to professors and whose documentation supports test accommodations can make arrangements with their professors and Access-Ability Services. Possible test accommodations include:

  • Extended time (time and a half (1.5X), or double time (2.0X) of what the rest of the class is given). Extended time does not mean unlimited time.

  • An environment with minimal distractions. The University is NOT able to offer a test environment that is completely distraction free (disposable ear plugs are available).

  • The provision of a scribe and/or a reader. Readers and scribes read/write verbatim and are unable to clarify questions or assist the student with their exam.

  • The use of a word processor (without internet access) and/or a calculator when appropriate.

  • Please note: The professor may clarify/explain a test prompt at his/her discretion. Therefore, some students elect to take the test/exam with the rest of their class.