Laura Johnson Leaders Program Application

Thank you for your interest in the Laura Johnson Leaders Program. Monthly sessions will be held on campus on Friday afternoons, noon–3 p.m. Lunch is provided.

  • Fall 2022: September 16, October 7, and November 4
  • Spring 2023: February 3, March 3 and 31
  • Fall 2023: October 6
  • Spring 2024: March 1

If you have questions please contact Amy Jaffe Barzach (, Executive Director of The Women’s Advancement Initiative.

Dates to Keep in Mind

Application deadline: June 12, 2022

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Verification of Application

By typing your name below, you are committing to attending monthly sessions held on Fridays from noon–3 p.m. in year one, and once per semester in year two. If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact The Women's Advancement Initiative in advance of that session. In addition to typing your name, your department head is required to send a brief approval email in support of your application to

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