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Constitution of the University Faculty Senate: Articles I - III

Article I. 

The name of this body shall be the University Faculty Senate.

Article II.

Purpose (Function of the Faculty Senate): The University Faculty Senate is a legislative body and concerns itself primarily with rules and general regulations pertaining to all undergraduate and graduate programs of the University. The Faculty Senate also concerns itself with recommendations about and implementation of policy insofar as they pertain to the educational programs of the University, to the benefits, rights and responsibilities of the Faculty, and to student-faculty relations; and further concerns itself with the active role of the Faculty in other University bodies relating to policy.

Article III. 

Faculty Senators must be members of the full-time faculty of the University.  Senators shall be elected at this time by these colleges of the University: College of Arts and Sciences; Barney School of Business; College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions; College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture; Hartford Art School; The Hartt School; and Hillyer College, by the procedure outlined in items 1-5 below. Pending full membership in the Faculty Senate, all other colleges shall be entitled to elect a non-voting representative who shall be eligible to attend all Faculty Senate meetings.

1. Each college shall elect a number of senators according to the following table, based on the number of faculty of record on March 31. Fractional numbers shall be rounded as follows: (X.01 to X.49, round down to X; X.50 to X.99, round up to X+1.) The election of Senators should be held after March 31:



Fewer than 4

One (1)

4 to 10

Two (2)

11 to 30

Three (3)

31 to 50

Four (4)

51 to 70

Five (5)

71 to 90

Six (6)

91 to 110

Seven (7)

111 to 130

Eight (8)

131 or more

Nine (9)

2. No two colleges will be permitted to form a majority.

3. The terms of senators will be staggered. Present incumbents shall complete the terms to which they were elected.

4. A college losing a Faculty Senate seat because of a decrease in the ranks of its Faculty shall reflect this loss and the Faculty Senate seat shall become vacant at the close of the academic year in which the loss occurs.

5. A college gaining a Faculty Senate seat because of an increase in the ranks of its Faculty shall reflect this gain, and the Faculty Senate seat so gained shall be effective with the academic year following the actual increase in faculty.