Coronavirus Update

In-person classes will not resume for the spring semester. Classes resumed through remote instruction on March 30 and will continue until the end of the semester. Find full details of changes to the University’s schedule and operations, and additional information regarding our response to COVID-19 at

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Incoming students can be eligible to participate in the University Honors Program starting their first semester based on a few factors. If incoming students aren’t initially eligible, after they complete their first semester, any student with a GPA of 3.0 may enroll in an honors course.

Incoming Students Eligibility Factors

  • SAT or ACT score
  • high school GPA
  • class rank (if available)
  • incoming students who receive a President's or Regents' Scholarship also are eligible for the Honors Program.

To complete the University Honors Program, after taking an honors course or two, a student must submit the Declaration Form to their College Coordinator and fulfill the specific requirements of the honors program of his or her college, which includes 18 credits and a required grade point average.