Fall 2020 Update

See UHart’s reopening plans for Fall 2020 and additional information about our response to COVID-19.

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Many students have completed the Honors Program and earned the "University Honors" distinction on their diplomas, which has helped them continue their studies in outstanding graduate programs. Here are some examples from the last decade:

  • Angelica Ansbacher, 2019: Teachers’ College at Columbia U.
  • John Case, 2019: Penn State University.
  • Wesaam Lepak, 2018: Purdue University.
  • Jessica Floyd, 2018: Northwestern University.
  • Amber Yusra Imam, 2017: Columbia University.
  • Alexander Gannuscio, 2016: Martin & Bills Scholar, Oxford University.
  • Amber Gipson, 2016: Columbia University.
  • Olivia Alsip, 2015: University of Chicago.
  • Adam Stankiewicz, 2015: Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Catherine Brennan, 2014: Martin Scholar, Oxford University.
  • Dan Wencek, 2013: New York University.
  • Kevin Sliwoski, 2012: Martin Scholar, Oxford University.
  • Caitlin Eger, 2011: University of Michigan.
  • John Dudek, 2010: University of Illinois.