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Future of the News
The Future of the News, April 20

The Future of the News

JOHN DANKOSKY in conversation with fellow local journalists

The crisis in print news is upon us – and not just because of the digital revolution. As The Atlantic Monthly discusses in its November 2021 feature article, “Who Killed America’s Newspapers?”, a secret hedge fund has been buying up legacy newspapers, like the Chicago Tribune and the Hartford Courant, forcing cuts that threaten journalists’ ability to cover the necessary ground. Join NPR media personality, John Dankosky, for a round-table with journalists from the Hartford Courant and the CT Mirror to learn how we got here and what challenges and threats journalists face as they fight to protect the objectivity and relevance of the news for our democracy. Whether you delivered the newspaper as your first real job, or grew up seeing your parents disappear behind the pages of the local daily, the Presidents’ College urges you to listen in and learn what you can do to protect the news that keeps the powers-that-be in check and us in-the-know.

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