Interested in bringing your talents to the Presidents' College?

Please email Chair of Volunteers, Nena Donovan Levine at

Without its Volunteers the Presidents’ College could not continue. It’s that simple.

Our volunteers always bring know-how, creativity and leadership; in fact, it’s what characterizes this group. Their primary task is course coordination, working with both instructors and registrants to ensure a smooth course experience. This includes:

  • monitoring registrations,
  • supplying course materials,
  • introducing instructors,
  • attending course sessions,
  • and providing feedback to the Presidents' College Director

Volunteers may also join working groups to tackle event planning, mailing list management or curricular enhancement.  Their equally important role is as Presidents’ College ambassadors, spreading the word to the broader community. Aspiring Volunteers will have taken one or more courses at the Presidents’ College to gain an idea what the position entails.

The Steering Committee, made up of experienced Volunteers, works with the Director to identify, discuss and act on issues important to the Presidents’ College’s direction. These include course and event programming, promotion, fundraising, and community building. This core group pools its experience, talent and Presidents’ College historical memory to steer current and future plans. Steering members are chosen by the Director from the Volunteers and typically serve two-year terms.

Volunteers report that their work for the Presidents' College stimulates the mind, occasions new friendships, and satisfies the desire to make a difference. 

Perfect for this life stage. I'm able to easily integrate Presidents' College classes with my travel and volunteer schedules.

Meg Aldrich, Volunteer