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BA in Multimedia Web Design and Development

The Multimedia Web Design and Development (MWDD) program is where you learn how to build and design websites that are innovative, attractive, and easy to use, and create motion graphics, animation, and multimedia content for mobile applications and computer games. Our small class sizes give you the chance to really get to know your professors. You can count on them to give you academic advice, as well as access to internship opportunities.

About the Major


The MWDD major gives you great flexibility with unrestricted electives allowing you to incorporate your outside interests and goals into the major. You take classes in communication, computer science, and layout design  

UHart’s MWDD graduates work as:

  • Game developers
  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Network administrators
  • Internet marketers
  • Software engineers
  • Web application programmers
  • Multimedia developers

Degree Requirements  

You must complete a total of 38-42 credits that includes a combination of communication, computer science, design, and multimedia web design and development courses.  

Required Courses

Examples of core courses include:

  • Communication in the Digital Age  
  • Fundamentals of Computing I
  • Introduction to Internet Programming  
  • Foundations of Web Design and Development  

For more information, and to see a complete list of degree requirements, visit the Course Catalog.

Minor Requirements

The minor in MWDD is a great option if you are choosing to major in another field (like Computer Science, Communication, Visual Communication Design, or Business) but would like to also learn skills in the construction of web-based interactive media.

You must complete 20-22 credits that includes core courses and an MWDD elective.

Examples of courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Computing I
  • Introduction to Internet Programming  
  • Foundations of Web Design and Development  
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Game Design I  

For more information, and to see a complete list of minor requirements, visit the Course Catalog.

Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Web Design and Development students will:

Define/explain a problem and construct a concise, discerning, complete problem statement that takes into account all of the factors relevant to solving the problem.

Identify multiple, comprehensive multimedia strategies for solving the problem within a given context.

Analyze the problem and synthesize multiple solutions using relevant multimedia theory and applications that address the problem, each taking into account contextual factors and the ethical, logical, and cultural dimensions of the problem.

Evaluate potential multimedia based solutions considering their feasibility, the logic base of the solution, historical perspectives, best programming practices and the impact of implementation.

Implement a solution that fully addresses all contextual factors.

Assess the results of a solution relative to the problem definition
Identify and implement the optimum techniques for communicating complex information on the Web.

Understand the primary elements of interface design and apply the principles and
tools of interactive components to Rich Interactive Applications (RIAs) and standard Web pages and sites.

Master digital graphic design tools and principles and apply them creatively and
appropriately to a wide range of audiences and for different content and media.

Master current and evolving Web languages for integrating media and user interaction
in both front end and back end elements of a Web site. Included in the languages are HTML5,CSS3, VB.NET, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0, ASO.NET, C# and PHP.

Demonstrate through the use of technology, presentations validated by a comprehensive
range of sources based on all elements of the material to be presented.

Provide clear, accurate content that is detailed and thoroughly supports the end product.
Supports presentation with multiple technologically expressive arguments communicating in an organized manner that fully engages the audience.

Use a wide variety of current media, advanced information technology techniques, real world tools and visual, audio and information formats to communicate.

Demonstrate high order reasoning and flexibility in the planning and production of the

My experience with the multimedia web design and development degree is that it really has given me insight on how a website should look and work for the user. One of my favorite courses was a visual communication design class where we explored different web design options in the classroom and in the computer lab.

Julie Ky '19, Multimedia Web Design and Development

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