Irina Naoumova
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Irina Naoumova

Irina Naoumova

Dr. Naoumova joined Barney School in 2008. Prior to that she worked as a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Associate Professor at State University- Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Russia), and chaired the department of Management at the Kazan State University.

Courses: Course Title
ENT 314 Principles of Entrepreneurship
ENT 414 Seminars in Entrepreneurship
MGT 771 Entrepreneurship Practicum
MGT 440 Strategic Management and Business Policy
MGT 310
MGT 705
MGT 450
Managing Organizational Behavior
Global Business Environment
Managing in a Global Environment

Professor of Management,
and Director of Barney Institute for
Phone: 860-768-4760, Room 310D

Ph.D., Kazan State University 1989; M.S. (Mgmt. Science Econ. Cybernetics), Kazan State University, 1982

Research Interests:
Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Corporate Governance in Transition/Emerging Economies, International Business/Management.

Selected Scholarship Books and Articles:
Irina published one solo monograph, 3 instructor/student manuals, 15 book chapters in research monographs, and 80 research and conference papers, and workshop materials.

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Judge, W., Naoumova, I. & Kutzevol, N.  (2003). Corporate Governance in Russia: An Empirical Study of Russian Managers’ Perceptions. Journal of World Business, 38(4):385-396.

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Naoumova, I.  (2002). Transformation of Corporation Structures in Russian Economy. In Annual Referred Journal «KSU Scientific Papers», Kazan State University Publishing House, 57-65.

Naoumova, I., Umpleby, S. (2002). Two Methods Useful for Starting a Quality Improvement Program, Perspectives in Higher Education Reform, 11:185-193.

Recent Achievements, Grants and Honors:

Dr. Naoumova’s biography is listed in directories Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World.

2007 Certificate of Honor, Russian Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

2006 research grants from University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA), and State University Higher School of Economics (Russia)

2005 Academy of Management best paper award finalist

2004 Academy of Management Carolyn Dexter award finalist

Professional Activities:

Member of AoM; AIB; AIB-SE

Irina serves as a reviewer for several research journals (such as Journal of World Business, Corporate Governance- International Review, Journal of

Management Studies), and as a member of editorial board of AIB-SE journal.

She serves as a chair and discussant for professional conferences including Academy of Management.

On international level she is a member of the Board of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy, a consortium of American and East European universities registered under the umbrella of UNESCO (2000-present).

Consulting Activity:
In 2004 Irina became an expert of UN Economic Commission for Europe on SME good governance. Together with the group of other international experts she was involved in the extensive work on suggestions for the Black Sea Region countries on coordination of SME support. As an expert consultant for small companies Irina enjoys ongoing relationship with her clients in USA, Russia, Central Asia, Western and Eastern Europe.