Farhad Rassekh
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Farhad Rassekh

Prof Rassekh

Farhad Rassekh is Professor of Economics and Associate Dean in the Barney School of Business. He is the author of Four Central Theories of the Market Economy (2016).  In 2007 he received James E. and Frances W. Bent Award for Scholarly and/or Artistic Creativity. He teaches courses in Managerial Economics and International Economics. His research areas include international trade and history of economic thought. He has published numerous articles in academic journals including in the American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Inquiry, Review of International Economics, and History of Economic Ideas.

Courses: Course Title
MBA 614 Economic Analysis for Managers
EC 450 International Economics
EC 211 Principles of Microeconomics

Professor of Economics and Associate Dean
Department of Economics, Finance and Insurance
Phone: 860-768-5007, Room 411A

B.S. in Economics, National University of Iran 1976, M.A. in Economics, University of North Texas, 1978, Ph.D. in Economics, University of Houston, 1983

Selected Scholarly Writings:
Four Central Theories of the Market Economy: Conceptions, Evolution, and Applications, Routledge, July 2016.   https://www.routledge.com/products/9780415622028

Selected Journal Articles
“The Impact of Financial Development on Income Convergence:  An Application of Two Exogenous Growth Models” (with Omid Ranjbar), July 2017, International Review of Economics and Finance.

Comparative Advantage in Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Ricardo’s Principles:   A Brief History of its Early Development” History of Economic Ideas XXIII (1), 2015, 59-75.

“An Empirical Investigation of the Ratchet Effect in the OECD, 1985-2009,” (with Omid Ranjbar) International Economic Journal 28, 1, 2014, 183-190. 

"Can Economic Globalization Lead to a More Just Society?” (with John Speir) Journal of Global Ethics 6, 1, 2010, 27-43.

“In the Shadow of the Invisible Hand,” History of Economic Ideas XVII/ 3, 2009, 147 - 168.

“Is Stolper-Samuelson Dangerous and FPE a Failure?” International Review of Economics and Finance 19, 2009, 555- 561.

“Does Trade Cause Higher Growth in Lower-Income Economies? An Empirical Inquiry,” Review of Development Economics 11(1), February 2007, 159 -169

“A Model of Growth and Convergence in the Presence of Input-Enhancing Factors: An Empirical Study,” (with Michael Panik) Economic Inquiry 40 (2), April 2002, 158-165.

“Smith, Friedman, and Self-Interest in Ethical Society,” (with Harvey James) Business Ethics Quarterly 10 (3), 2000, 659-674.

“Adjustment in General Equilibrium: Some Industrial Evidence,” (with Henry Thompson) Review of International Economics 5, (1), February 1997, 20-31.

 “The Effect of Import Price Changes on Domestic Inflation: An Empirical Test of the Ratchet Effect,” (with Barry Wilbratte) Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, May 1990, 263-267.

“Tendency Towards Factor Price Equalization Among OECD Countries” (with Manouchehr Mokhtari) Review of Economics and Statistics, November 1989, 636-642.

“The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Capital Outflows,” (with Roy Ruffin) American Economic Review, December 1986, 1126-1130.

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