Mahmoud S. Wahab
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Mahmoud S. Wahab

Prof Wahab

Professor of Finance at the University of Hartford. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in economics from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, and a Ph.D. in Finance from The George Washington University, 1989. He has published numerous articles in mainstream academic journals in the areas of International Investments, Capital Markets, and Derivatives. His work is published in Journals such as: Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Futures Markets, The Financial Review, Applied Economics and Global Finance Journal. He serves as Adhoc Reviewer for several mainstream finance journals. He has been with University of Hartford since 1990.

Courses: Course Title
MBA 616 Corporate Finance
FIN 650 International Finance and Investments

Professor of Finance
Phone: 860-768-5119, Room 412D

Education: Ph.D., Finance, The George Washington University, Bsc., Economics, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Research Interests: Securties Markets, Derivatives, International Finance and Investments

Selected Scholarship Books and Articles:
"An Examination of Co-movements of India's Stock and Bond Markets" (with Bharat Kolluri and Susan Wahab), Journal of Asian Economics, Vol. 41, 2015, pp. 39-56.

Comovement of U.S. and Asian Equity Markets: Evidence from Asymmetric and Time Varying Coefficients (with Susan Machuga and Bharat Kolluri), Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, Vol. 17, No. 4 (2014) (44 pages)

Asymmetric Effects of U.S. Stock Returns on European Equities, International Review of Economics and Finance, 2012, 21(4), pp.156-172.

Performance and Asymmetric Co-movements of Asia-Pacific Equity Markets and U.S. Equities: Recent Evidence, (with Susan Machuga), International Journal of Finance, Vol. 23, No 1, 2011

Asymmetric Output Growth Effects of Government Spending: Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Evidence, International Review of Economics and Finance, 20(4), 2011, pp.574-590.

"Stock Returns and Expected Inflation: Evidence From an AsymmetricTest Specificiation, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2008, 30, pp. 371-395 (with Bharat Kolluri)

Asymmetries in the Conditional Relation of Government Expenditure and Economic Growth, Applied Economics, 2007, 39, pp. 2303-2322 (with Bharat Kolluri).

Economic Growth and Government Expenditure: Evidence from a New Test Specification, Applied Economics, 2004, 36, pp. 2125-2135.

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