Barney Leadership Council students host students from Strength to Strength
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Barney Leadership Council students host students from Strength to Strength

On April 2016 University of Hartford Barney Leadership Council students hosted students from Strength to Strength. 

Strength to Strength (StoS) is a nonprofit organization established to support victims of terrorism around the world through regular meetings, provision of information and advice, and raising awareness of the unmet needs of victims and their families. Strength to Strength enables victims of terrorism to share experiences and empowers them to live life to their best potential.  

Members of the Barney Leadership Council (BLC) and Barney School of Business faculty came together to give visiting StoS students participating in the “Young Ambassadors” program a true taste of college life in the United States. The Young Ambassadors were brought together from Argentina, Colombia, France, Israel, Northern Ireland, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.   

The day began with a meet and greet followed by a riveting game of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” where visiting students participatedby answering trivia questions related to being a college student at the University of Hartford and living in the U.S. Students then had the opportunity to take a full campus tour and eat lunch with faculty and staff from the Barney School. At the same time, BLC members received a moving presentation from a StoS Psychologist exploring the Strength to Strength program and what it representsto young victims of terrorism. 

Afterwards, StoS students were able to truly immerse themselves in college life. Ten BLC students were paired with groups of two StoSstudents to attend Barney School classes. Then the Young Ambassadors and BLC students regrouped for Barney School alumnus and leadership coach John Jaramillo’s “Tackling your Goals in Life”presentation. Success means different things to different people, but it almost always begins with a mental process to continue improving, developing, getting bigger, and achieving goals- no matter how big or small. Students were asked to write down their goals and address the process they are taking to achieve such goals.  

To close, BLC students and faculty engaged in a final reception and bid farewell to the Strength to Strength students and advisors.  Through their interactions, everyone involved became more culturally and socially aware and forged lasting connections and relationships.