Malissa D'souza
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Malissa D'souza

Malisaa DsouzaYou completed your undergraduate degree at Barney, how did that help you when searching for a job?

During my undergraduate degree, the faculty at the Barney School of Business encouraged me to be a part of various honor societies and accounting organizations. As an International student, it was difficult to find a job in this tough economy. However, going to the Beta Alpha Psi Accounting meetings helped me meet various recruiters at Big Four accounting firms as well as other smaller firms. The one thing about the Barney School that I felt really put me one step ahead of others in the work force was that there was an "Internship" requirement. This way, by the time I was a junior, I made sure I had enough work experience to help me get a good internship which ended up turning into a full-time offer. There is honestly nothing better than the feeling of knowing that you have a job lined up for you right after graduating from College. I didn't have to stress out about finding a fulltime job in my senior year. The faculty also took personal interest to help be prepare for my interview, looked at my resume and gave me great advice and suggestions.

Why did you decide to continue with Barney to complete your Masters degree?

I had a really good experience in my undergraduate years at the Barney School of Business. During my time there I was able to develop my leadership skills and grew to be more globally aware and socially responsible. Professors took a special interest in the students and truly wanted to see them succeed. They were very helpful in many ways, such as in support and advice. The faculty at the Barney School were very up to date with their teaching techniques and many of them also practiced alongside teaching. They brought real world examples and situations into the classroom which made it a great learning experience. All this made me confident that the Graduate program would be as good as the undergraduate program. Additionally, during my Internship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers I met many partners and staff that also completed their MSAT with Barney School. It was encouraging to see the success rate of the people who completed their MSAT degree with the Barney School of Business.

Speak about how you are using knowledge you are currently gaining in the MSAT program on real world problems or in your current job?

Most of my professors are either partners at accounting firms or own an accounting firm. In class, they often give examples and explain issues that they face during work. I find that a lot of times my professors have talked about a real world issue in class and I, or a member of my team, have encounter of a similar issue. Lucky enough, my professors always have a solution to the issue they discuss in class and I am able to contribute a solution or suggestion to my team to help solves these issues.

As a full time employee and a graduate student, how do you balance your work and study?

Good planning, prioritizing and making a schedule is my trick to staying balanced. Although I am a full-time employee, I am still very active and involved with campus activities and community service. It is hard to juggle work, MSAT classes, making time to study for the CPA exam as well as a little social life. However, making a daily schedule of how long I want to spend each day doing different things helps me balance everything and most of all, reach small goals every day. My employer recognizes what is important to me and is very flexible about making sure I do what makes me happy. However, when the busy season for tax is around the corner, they expect us to prioritize work before other activities.