Keeping Hawks Healthy

Read the latest updates on UHart's response to COVID-19:

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Your Network of Support

We are a tight-knit campus community dedicated to supporting you throughout your years at UHart.

We are here to help prepare you for the goals and expectations of college life and make sure you don’t walk the journey alone. 

Center for Student Success

center student success

Whether you need guidance academically or personally, the Center for Student Success offers one-on-one support in study skills, mental health and wellness, financial aid and scholarships, and reminders. 

Career and Professional Development

students in library

In the Office of Career and Professional Development, we don't just help you with your resume and job searches—We challenge you to explore majors and career paths, learn new skills, and network with industry experts. Here, you will be part of career communities that will empower you to find a job that you will love. 

Centralized Tutoring Center


The University's Centralized Tutoring Center offers free peer-to-peer content and writing tutoring with a focus on engaging students in active learning to help build academic strengths.

Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion


In the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion, we want you to explore and challenge yourself in ways you never thought of, so that when you graduate, you have the skills to adapt to change and think critically. Addittionally, we also just want you to have fun and meet life-long friends. We oversee the 100+ clubs and organizations, greek life, countless of events, and more. 

Get Ready for our tight-knit community