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Laurence I. ("Larry") Gould



College of Arts and Sciences
860.768.4307 Dana Hall 221

PhD, Temple University

MA, Temple University

BA, Carnegie-Mellon University


Connections between Non-Local Dynamical Equations and Conservation Laws, Computational Physics using Symbolic Algebra, Critical Investigations of the Claims about “Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Climate Disruption”, Symmetry in Science Education, History and Philosophy of Science, and Foundations of Quantum Theory.

Sample of Publications

  1. Connections between Non-Local Dynamical Equations and Conservation Laws: "Nonlocal Conserved Quantities, Balance Laws, and Equations of Motion," International Journal of Theoretical Physics  28, 335 - 363 (1989); "Nonlocal Generalized Angular-Momentum Balance Laws and Equations of Motion," International Journal of Engineering Science  30, 1417 - 1432 (1992); "Quantum Dynamics and Neural Dynamics: Some Analogies between the Formalisms of Bohm and Pribram," an invited paper (Fall 1994) for Scale in Conscious Experience: Is the Brain too Important to be Left to Specialists to Study?, 3rd Appalachian Conference Proceedings on Behavioral Neurodynamics (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, NJ, 1995), pp. 339 – 348; "Physics and Philosophy concerning the Application of Variational Principles toward Relating Dynamical Equations to Conservation Laws" (Oxford University; England, 6/17/91). 
  2. Computational Physics using Symbolic Algebra:  “Research Activity in Computational Physics” for the Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Ultracomputing Group (June 2004; NASA-JPL, Pasadena, CA); "Computer Algebra for Lagrangian, Hamiltonian and Autonomous Systems" — seminar (Department of Mathematics {Faculty of Mathematics and Physics}, University of Ljubljana; Slovenia, 8/6/96)
  3. Critical Investigations of the Claims about “Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Climate Disruption”: “The Mythology of Anthropogenic Global Warming & its Policy Consequences” — Occupational & Environmental Medicine Colloquium, University of Connecticut Health Center (Farmington, CT; 6/18/09); “Global Warming Alarmism” — The League of Women Voters of New Haven Regional Round Table Luncheon (Including the Amity, Cheshire/Wallingford, Hamden, New Haven/West Haven and North Haven Leagues); Graduate Club of Yale University (New Haven, CT; 2/24/09); “A Convenient Falsehood Myths, Methods, and Consequences of the Global Warming Hoax,” Keene State College (Keene, NH; 10/2/08); “Global Warming Alarmism: Checking the Claims, Exposing the Methods” — for The 2009 International conference on Climate Change (New York City; 3/10/09)
  4. Symmetry in Science Education: “Seeing Through Symmetry — As Seen Through Its Labs,” invited paper for Symmetry: Culture and Science  8, Nos. 3-4, pp. 401 – 408 (1997; published in Fall 2001); "What Is Symmetry That Educators and Students Should Be Mindful Of It?" chapter for the book, Interdisciplinary General Education: Questioning Outside the Lines, Marcia Bundy Seabury, Editor (College Entrance Examination Board, NY, 1999)
  5. History and Philosophy of Science: “Einstein: Myth & Magic” — Amateur Astronomers Association of New York City; American Museum of Natural History (New York City; 3/7/08); Issues in Science and Religion: A Critical Evaluation,” in Science, Religion, and Society:  History, Culture, and Controversy, edited by Gary Laderman  and Arri Eisen (M.E. Sharpe, NY, Fall 2007) [article completed 1/7/05 and solicited based on an invited talk (quantum theory and brain) given at Vassar College; forward by the Dalai Lama]
  6. Foundations of Quantum Theory: "Response to Mayants' Note on Bohm's Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" (with B.J. Hiley, University of London), Physics Essays  6, No. 1, 129 - 132 (March 1993);