Sheikh Rabiul Islam

Assistant Professor

Computing Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences
860,768.4104 D 333

Ph.D., Tennessee Tech University

MS, Tennessee Tech University

BS, Islamic University of Technology

Sheikh Rabiul Islam is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hartford. Dr. Islam has many years of research and industry experience. His notable research experiences are in the area of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity. He has research expertise in the field of Finance and Cybersecurity in solving different predictive modeling problems. He has peer-reviewed publications in well-known conferences in his research areas: ACM SIGKDD, IEEE Big Data, AAAI, and FLAIRS. He is also an ad hoc reviewer of Journals: Expert Systems with Applications, and Journal of Decision Sciences. Dr. Islam’s current research focuses are in the areas of Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics. In particular, Dr. Islam is currently working on extending the scope of explainable AI towards mitigating other pressing AI-related concerns such as fairness and transparency of decisions in different application areas. Dr. Islam’s extended profile is available here.


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