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Douglas Dix

Professor of Biology & Medical Technology

Health Sciences

College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions
860.768.4261 Dana 441

PhD, SUNY at Buffalo

BS, Fairfield University

Teaching FocusProfessor Douglas Dix teaches from a holistic perspective in an effort to inspire students to work for social justice and environmental responsibility. He advocates for a halt to genetic engineering, for replacement of our obsolete crime and punishment model of justice with an enlightened disease and therapy model, for holding research accountable for humanitarian benefit, for replacing so-called foreign aid with international triage, for replacing ulterior motives with authentic, intrinsic reward, and for abolishing the No Child Left Behind law and setting teachers free to inspire kids of all ages to discover what it is that we all really want to do, and for freedom and health and joy.

Professional Interests:  

Dix's research is, for the most part, focused on three topics:

1. Therapy for people with terminal disease who are not yet ready to accept hospice. It is possible to achieve remission in so-called terminal cancer, and, possibly, in other chronic diseases through nutritional manipulation.

2. Creating international triage by ranking poor countries according to need for assistance and rich countries according to ability to provide that assistance.

3. Converting universities from what Dix calls “schools of profits” to what they were founded to be, “schools of prophets." Dix recently published Shopping for College: How to Get What You Really Want, in which he shares many of his ideas.