Alan Francis

Clarinet Faculty; Conductor: Philharmonia Winds; Conductor: Harmony Winds

HCD Music

Hartt Community Division
F 19

B.M., The Hartt School

M.M., The Hartt School

Teacher Certification Program, The Hartt School

  • Clarinet Study: Kalmen Opperman, Robert Genovase, Keith Wilson, William Goldstein, Henry Larsen
  • Orchestral Performance Experience: Member of the Hartford Symphony (Principal, Assistant Principal, Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), New Britain Symphony (Principal), Simsbury Light Opera Company Orchestra (Principal), Hartford Chamber Orchestra (Assistant Principal), Asylum Hill Chamber Orchestra, Farmington Valley Choral Society Orchestra, Wallingford Symphony, Goodspeed Opera House Orchestra, Baroque Arts Chamber Orchestra of Washington D.C. (Principal), Inter Service Repertory Orchestra (Principal)
  • Band Experience: The United States Army Band of Washington D.C. (Assistant Principal, Eb, Bass, Eb Alto, Bb Contra Bass), Wind Ensemble of The Baroque Arts Chamber Orchestra of Washington D.C., Hartford Pops Band (Principal, Assistant Principal, Principal Second)
  • Chamber Music Studies: Robert Bloom, Julius Baker, Keith Wilson, Kalmen Opperman, Henry Larsen, William Goldstein, Harvey Goldstein
  • Chamber Music Experience: Solisti di Fiati Octet (founder), Hartford Symphony Woodwind Quintet, Harmonie Hartford, Die Friespieler Octet, Pro Arte Quintet of Washington D.C.
  • Teaching Experience: Band and Orchestra Teacher, West Hartford Public Schools, from 1975 to 2008; Band and Orchestra Teacher, West Hartford Public Schools, Summer School 1980 to 1984; Clarinet Teacher, Windsor Public Schools 1972-1975
  • Hartt Community Division faculty member since 2002

I take a craftsman’s approach of meeting the student where they are and moving them forward as rapidly as possible. Along the way there is much positive reinforcement, lots of modeling, and humor. Rostropovich has said, “If your practicing is fun, you are doing something wrong,” and while that may be true, I try to emphasize pride in achievement which makes every scale, etude, exercise, and piece a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor.