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Michael Horwitz

Assistant Professor of Academic Strategies, Hillyer College Honors Coordinator

Academic Strategies

Hillyer College
860.768.5111 Hillyer Hall 147

PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, Graduate Center CUNY

MA in Literacy and Language, Graduate Center CUNY

MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University

BA in Psychology, University of Richmond Psychology

Michael Horwitz is an assistant professor of academic strategies. He teaches several courses, including Critical Literacies, Why We Talk, and Creativity Honors. He says he enjoys teaching students in Hillyer because "They're really nice people. They’re fun! Second, many are eager to learn and that always is exciting. Finally, I love to watch people grow and self-actualize."

Horwitz's research interests include:

  • Origins of Language
  • Creativity and Music

Selected Publications

Language in College Knowledge and Reading Strategy. Pearson Publishing Company: Boston, MA

V’heir Eineinu in Shabbat Anthology VI Transcontinental Publishing (2012)

Between Now and Then We Are Buffalo Heart In Mind Publishing  EP (2015)

Jaded We Are Buffalo Heart In Mind Publishing (2016)