4 - Assessing and Evaluating Student Learning

The University of Hartford has a university-wide license for Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. 

Lockdown Browser is an application that students download and install on their computer.  It locks out other browsers and applications on the student's computer.  This is available for Mac and PC users only - it is not available for Chromebooks or Mobile Devices.  If the student does not have a laptop or desktop computer, they can check out one from the University Library.

Monitor uses the student's webcam to watch the student and what's around them during the test.  This is used in conjunction with the Lockdown Browser.

NOTE: You must create a Blackboard test FIRST to use either of these.

For more information on Respondus, visit the pages below:

Faculty and students needing support on Respondus should reach out directly to the vendor or by emailing

Here are some additional tools for student assessment: