1 - Communicating with Students

Communication Tools

To access email, you can do so one of several ways:

  • From the UH website main page under My UHart > Hawkmail
  • From within Blackboard by clicking the E-mail tab at the top
  • By logging into with your UHart email and password

All University of Hartford staff, faculty and students have free access to Office365, which has a suite of software available online or for download on up to 5 personal devices.

Blackboard has a built-in Email tool available to course users within each course. There are two ways to access it. 

  1. On the Course Menu > Tools > Send Email.
  2. On the Course Menu > Course Management section > Course Tools > Send Email.
    Send Email
  3. Choose who to send it to, typically All Users.
  4. Compose Email text.
  5. Click Submit.

Posting an Announcement in Blackboard (Video)

  1. Go into your course and create an announcement, sending it to students.
  2. Click the Announcements link on the main Course Menu.
  3. Click the Create Announcement button.
    Create Announcement button
  4. Add any information, text, videos, graphics, photos you like just as you would in any other content area in Blackboard.
  5. In section 2, Web Announcement Options, set Announcement to Not Date Restricted, otherwise, your announcement will not appear to students until the date you set below under Date Restricted.
    Not date restricted
  6. You can also Email your students a copy of the Announcement by checking Send a copy of this announcement immediately. Please note, that when you send messages through Blackboard’s email system, it will send it in a text (not HTML) format, so you will not see images in the body of your message.
    send a copy of this announcement immediately 
    NOTE: Your email is sent immediately to students; however if you date restrict it, a pop-up warning will appear saying you cannot send an announcement via email for a future date.
  7. When done with your announcement, click Submit.

If you have students in another country, you may want to consider some alternatives to meet them and communicate with them where they are:

  • WhatsApp - currently available and used by many Chinese and International Students.  Available to download on mobile devices and on computers.
  • Discord - used by many students globally.  Available to download on mobile devices and on computers.  You can create channels/groups for your classes and communicate/share screens with them on there.  Also popular with gamers.