Approaches to Online Instruction

There are three basic approaches to online instruction:

Tier I: Basic Blackboard Tools

Tier I: Basic Blackboard Tools - Covers just the basics, such as creating announcements, sending emails, using the discussion board, uploading files, making your course available and creating basic assignments and tests.

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Tier II: Transforming Courses for Online Instruction

Tier II: Transforming a Course for Online Learning - Covers all the basics, plus how to more effectively organize your course, chunk content, assign students to groups, use the SafeAssign tool, as well as how to grade assessments online.

Transforming a Course for Online Learning (PDF) - A detailed, how-to-guide to using Blackboard in order to organize and convert a face-to-face course into an online format.

Tier III: Preparing to Teach Online

Tier III: Preparing to Teach Online - This is a comprehensive look at all the Blackboard tools and pedagogical practices and tips and tricks necessary to effectively develop and instruct a fully online course.

Preparing to Teach Online (PDF) - University of Hartford's comprehensive 8-session series on preparing, developing and instructing a fully online course, including pedagogical best practices, tips and tricks, as well as detailed how-to instructions on organizing the course, chunking content, and using Blackboard's tools.

Preparing to Teach Online (Videos) - Playlist of past recorded sessions of the 8-session series.