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Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Graduate Students

How much does it cost to attend the University of Hartford?

Cost of attendance relies upon many different variables. The cost of attendance does not depend on state of residency. Please visit our Tuition and Fees section for detailed cost information.

What housing options does the University of Hartford offer for graduate students?

Most of the 1,700 graduate students enrolled at the University of Hartford secure housing off campus in the surrounding communities. A small number of graduate students choose to live in University-owned apartment communities. The Asylum Avenue Campus (AAC) community for graduate students comprises 13 townhouses. They are located in a quiet residential area in the west end of Hartford on Asylum Avenue and are each shared by two graduate students. For more information about how to apply for AAC, please click here.

Do you think I will be accepted?

Your acceptance will be determined after a thorough review of your complete academic record. We do not offer preliminary reviews; you must apply in order to be considered.

Application Process

I am currently a University of Hartford student. Do I need to request a University of Hartford transcript and pay the transcript request fee?

No. We will order your transcript and waive the fee for you; this typically takes one business week to be added to your file.

Where do I send my official transcript?

If your transcript is being sent by mail, it can be mailed to:

Graduate Admission, 2nd Floor, Suite 231
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117, USA

We also accept official electronic transcripts. If your prior college institution offers an electronic transcript service, you can often save time as opposed to mail. If you request an electronic transcript, please use the school code 3436.

Please note that University of Hartford does not accept unofficial transcripts. The transcript must be sent directly from your prior college institution to University of Hartford in a sealed envelope or through an official electronic source, such as National ClearingHouse, E-Script, or Parchment.

I forgot my Login ID and PIN for my application, what do I do?

If you are locked out of your account due to multiple attempts or you forgot your PIN, please call either email or call Graduate Admissions at (860) 768-4371 or toll-free 1-800-945-0712 for help.

How can I check the status of my application?

You can check your status online here. Use the Login ID and PIN you used when you made you application. Alternatively, you can send an email to with a request for an application update. Please include your name in the subject of your email.

How can I make a change in my application?

You cannot make changes once your application has been submitted, but Graduate Admissions can make manual changes for you. Email to request to change or add documents in your application.

How do I pay my application fee?

Before you submit your application you will have the opportunity to pay your application fee by credit card, check, or money order. If you select to pay by check or money order, please complete our Graduate Application Fee Form and mail it to our office using the following address:

Graduate Admission, 2nd Floor, Suite 231
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117, USA

Once your application has been submitted you cannot pay your application fee through the application portal. If you would like to pay by credit card after submitting your application, complete the Graduate Application Fee Form and mail it to the address above.

My school code is not listed in the application portal, what do I do?

If your school code is not listed, enter 999999 into the school code field and send us an email at informing us of which collegiate institution you attended.

How do I apply to more than one program?

In order to apply to more than one program you will need to submit an application for each program in which you are interested. Since you have shown such great interest in the University of Hartford you will only have to pay the application fee for one application. When submitting the second application choose to pay by check/money order. Next, email to let us know that you have made two applications so that we know it was not done in error.

Additionally, since requirements for each program are different please note that when applying to multiple programs you will need to meet all the requirements listed for each program to which you are applying. Any documents that are transferable from application to application will be transferred; but letters of recommendations and letters of intent need to be directed to the program to which you are applying.

My document is too large to be uploaded to my application, what do I do?

If your document is too large to upload you may email it to us directly at In your email, be sure to identify what application requirement for which you are submitting your document. If the file is too big to be emailed, we recommend that you give us access to your file through a secure file link (i.e. google drive or dropbox).

Do I need to submit GRE/GMAT scores?

You are only required to submit GRE/GMAT scores if it is required by the program. Not all of our graduate degree programs require GRE/GMAT scores.

When can I expect a decision regarding my application?

Most programs will issue a decision within ten business days, however some programs will accept applications until a set deadline, and make decisions after that date. You can contact or the program director for information about the program to which you are applying.

Accepted/Enrolled Graduate Students

Questions for students who have been accepted into one of our graduate programs, and need help getting started.

I have been accepted into a graduate program. What do I do next?

Please visit New Graduate Student Orientation section of our website to determine your next steps. Here you will also find our easy-to-follow domestic and international graduate students checklists to help you get started.

What is a tuition deposit, and do I need to pay it?

All accepted student must pay a $300 non-refundable tuition deposit. When you pay the tuition deposit you reserve your spot in the program. You can pay your tuition deposit here.

How do I register for classes?

You should contact a representative from your program.  Most first time registrations are completed with a paper form that your advisor will complete and submit to the Student Academic Service Center (SASC).  Online registration is available with prior approval and a personal identification number (PIN) provided by your advisor. If you have your PIN, you can proceed to the Student Self-Service Center to register.

International Graduate Students

What is the minimum English requirement for international graduate students?

You must receive one of the following:
  • A score of 80 (Internet-based test – iBT) or 550 (Paper-based test – PBT) or higher on the TOEFL test
  • A score of 6.5 overall on the IELTS test
  • A score of 58 or higher on the PTE test

Or you may apply for a waiver of language proficiency. (see below)

How can I waive the English Proficiency requirement?

You can qualify for the English Proficiency Waiver if you fit one of the following two categories:
  • You are an International applicant whose native language is English.
  • You are an International applicant holding a bachelor’s degree from a country where the native language is English. You will not qualify for a waiver if you earned a master's degree from a country where the native language is English.
If you believe that you meet one of these criteria, please email

What is the application deadline?

International students who require a U.S. Student Visa (F-1) sponsored by the University of Hartford are required to have all materials submitted to the Graduate Admissions office prior to our official deadlines to ensure proper I-20 processing time.

Does the University of Hartford offer scholarships for international students?

We offer tuition scholarship only for a limited number of programs. Email us at to find out if we offer scholarships for the program in which you are interested.

Financial aid for international graduate students is currently available as Graduate Assistantships. These assistantships are administered by the individual departments throughout the University and vary in size and availability.

Can I send my foreign university transcript in English to the University of Hartford?

All foreign transcripts must evaluated by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member. If the transcript is written in English an evaluation is still required, as grading systems vary from country to country. If you are applying to Barney School of Business, you must submit a WES Evaluation.

What is a Guarantor Statement?

A Guarantor Statement is a document that indicates and verifies financial capability and responsibility. This form should be sent to the Graduate Admissions office via email at or mailed to us at the following address:

Graduate Admission, 2nd Floor, Suite 231
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117, USA