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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The University of Hartford combines a traditionally strong commitment to shared community values of support and encouragement with academic challenge in a wide variety of programs and disciplines to prepare our students for success in the world.

The Hartford Art School (HAS) mission and vision have a viable relationship to the purposes of the University of Hartford. The vision reflects the University’s strategic focus on “career readiness.”

Vision: The Hartford Art School cultivates creative careers in art and design by fostering dexterity with materials and ideas.

Mission: The Hartford Art School honors a dynamic balance between the traditional and emerging arts, reflecting an ever-changing world. With a history of educating creative practitioners and critical thinkers, we encourage our students to be proactive and to develop their unique artistic vision. Together we value the local and international communities and participate in the culture at large.

To fully understand the significance of the Hartford Art School’s mission, it is important to appreciate the role the professional faculty has played since the school’s beginning. From its founding in 1877, the Hartford Art School has been known for its accomplished faculty of practicing artists and designers, who are active in their professions and deeply committed to teaching. To this day, maintaining the ideal of the “artist/teacher” is an essential objective.

It gives me great satisfaction to foster student talent and growth through our faculty and programming. Creativity takes hard work, research, problem-solving, innovation, and a tolerance for risk-taking. We provide students with the tools and skills to make significant contributions to their community and culture – which defines our meaning of “career ready!”

Nancy M. Stuart