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Embedded study abroad

Embedded study abroad

Sicily Painting and Photography

Our painting students explore the processes and develop the techniques of gathering on location reference sketches, painting and photographic documentation and then utilize these techniques during spring break travel to Sicily. The results include a series of studio works based on the travel period.

Our photo students get an overview of travel photography. Through a series of local assignments, our students develop ideas and strategies for overseas assignments. A joint exhibition with painting students is mounted the following fall.

Sustainable Studio

Winter Term in Ghana, West Africa

“Sustainable Studio” covers traditional art forms, such as printed fabric design, wood carving, basket weaving, and ceramics, as well as contemporary artists’ work focusing on the environment. In the big picture, you will take away a better sense of the planet as a whole and of humanity in the developing world. In regard to development as artist and designer, an interdisciplinary studio class offers the opportunity to make art and learn about art and culture in a non-Western environment.