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Art History Subject Area Major: 42-43 Credits

Introduction Level: 12 Credits

ART 210 History of Western Art I3.0
ART 211 History of Western Art II 3.0
ART 215 Art Across Borders3.0
ART 216 Introduction to Non-Western Art3.0

Intermediate Level Distribution Requirement: 12 Credits at 300 or 400 Level

Distribution Requirement3.0
Additional Distribution3.0
Additional Distribution3.0
Additional Distribution3.0
300- or 400-level courses to be distributed between four of the following areas: Ancient or Medieval; Renaissance, Baroque or Enlightenment; Modern or Contemporary; Non-Western; Topical

Capstone: 3 Credits

ART 492 Seminar in Art History3.0

Additional Requirements: 12- 13 Credits

ART 105 Professions in Art History1.0
ART 367 Museum and Exhibition Practices3.0
ART 493 Internship3.0
Art History Elective at 200-, 300-, or 400-level3.0
Studio courses 5.0-6.0

General Education Requirements : 35-44 Credits

Foundational Competencies : 9 Credits

WRT 110 Academic Writings I 3.0
WRT 111 Academic Writings II 3.0
Information Technology (CS 110 recommended)3.0

All University Curriculum: 12-13 Credits

AUCC Other Cultures3.0
AUCS Social Science3.0
AUCT Science/Technology 4.0
AUCW Western Heritage3.0

Exploration and Breadth: 21-22 credits

Mathematics (M 110 or 112 or 114 or 116)3.0
Humanities and Arts (HIS 100 or 101 required; others can be taken from CIN, DRA, ENG, FR, GER, HIS, ITA, JS or SPA)3.0
Additional Humanities3.0
Additional Humanities3.0
Additional Humanities3.0
Social Science (EC, POL, PSY or SOC)3.0
Laboratory Science (BIO, CH, PHY or SCI)4.0
Majors are strongly recommended to take a foreign language for at least two semesters and to take courses in CIN, DRA, and HLM.


  • 120 credits to graduate (15 per term);
  • no more than 2 credits in PE;
  • no more than 1 P/NP per semester for a total of no more than 8 and none in major;
  • transfer requirements differ.