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Master Artist Workshops

Master Artist Workshops

William Wondriska Graphic Design Lecture Series and Masterclass

Through the William Wondriska Endowment, the Visual Communication Design Department invites internationally known visual communicators to campus each year to lecture on a variety of topics and to critique student work.

Past participants:

Robert Abbott
Eric Bensen
David Bull
David Covell
Lou Danziger
William Drenttel
David Fortier
Max Hailstone
Jessica Helfand
Cyrus Highsmith
Lucinda Hitchcock

Dennis Ichiyama
Glenn Kennedy
Chaz Maviyane-Davies
Joseph Quackenbush
Roger Remington
Douglass Scott
Nathan Shedroff
Nancy Skolos
Joani Spadaro
Todd Timney


Thanks to the generosity of the trustees and friends of the Hartford Art School, visiting artist and designer workshops enhance our coursework. Students assist master artists and work on prints, sculptures, or ceramic installations, and learn firsthand the efforts and skills required.

Recent participants include:

Edwin Utermohlen
Jan van Toorn
Tom Wedell
Andrea Wollensak
Paul Zelanski
H.A.S. Student AIGA Chapter sponsored a one-day workshop with Debbie Millman

Hartford Art School Print Workshop

The nationally recognized Hartford Art School Print Workshop provides our students the opportunity to observe artists and printers collaborating to create original editions of prints, and sometimes to participate in their production. We have hosted major collaborations between artists and master printers in our facilities yearly since 1978.

The Print Workshop has hosted:

Robert Cumming
Jun Kaneko
Tetsuya Yamada
Judy Moonelis
Andrea Gill
Steve Rolf
Tim Roda
Moshe Bursurker
Caitlin Applegate
Nathan Shedroff
James Rosenquist
Jim Dine (on two occasions)
Larry Rivers
Ed Ruscha
Susan Rothenberg
Alan Shields
Helen Frankenthaler
John Sommers
Sigmund Abeles
Warrington Colescott
Scott Prior (on two occasions)
Sylvia Plimack Mangold
Alfred Leslie
Richard Bosman
George McNeil
Dwight Pogue

Karen Kunc
Jane Goldman
Cornelia McSheehey
Jack Beal
Art Werger
Louise Hamlin
Tom Hammond
Joe Byrne
Robert Stackhouse
Carmon Colangelo
R.G. Brown
Mark Sisson
Nona Hershey
Sydney Hurwitz
Bryan Nash Gill
Tanja Softic
Hibiki Miyazaki
Jenny Robinson
Barbara Tetenbaum
Kristen Martincic
Drive-by Press
Kathryn Polk
Tim Wengersman
Amanda Lebel
Chris Fritton

The following printers have worked in collaboration with and printed the HAS Print Workshop editions:

Donald Saff
Maurice Sanchez
John Hutcheson
Roseanne Retz
Chris Cordes
Paul Maguire
Frances Myers
Doris Simelink
Peter Pettengill
Carolyn Muskat
Kathryn Kuehn
Fred Wessel
John Willis
Jim Lee
Jenni Freidman
Scot MacCluggage