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How to apply

How to apply

Each year a substantial number of applicants apply as transfer students. Admission is competitive. Each student brings a variety of experiences and exposure from a broad range of schools and colleges. This exciting mix enhances what is already an impressive and talented group of Hartford Art School students.

Placement will be determined based on credit and quality of work in the area intended as a major. Credit evaluations will be processed once a student has been accepted and tuition deposited to the school. After an application has been filed and the student has been accepted to our program, preliminary assessment can be determined with a meeting between the student and the art school admission office. Students may transfer for either fall or spring semesters; however, we strongly suggest the fall.

Requirements for admission include transcripts from all post-secondary schools and colleges attended, as well as test scores and high school transcripts if the student has fewer than 30 college credits. Only credits with a grade of 2.0 are acceptable for transfer and must come from an institution accredited by one of the country’s six regional accreditation agencies or by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

There are a few ways students can apply for admission to Hartford Art School.

Students can apply online here 

Students can also apply in person via a paper application. This can be done by either meeting an admission coordinator at an event including high school visits and portfolio days or by coming to Hartford Art School Directly.

Students can also apply to the University of Hartford via the Common Application and requesting to major in art.

Admission to the BFA program at the Hartford Art School is based on a variety of criteria, with all factors in the applicant’s background considered. Applicants must demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in the visual arts, through a portfolio
  • Academic achievement, as shown on official transcripts from accredited colleges and high schools (if needed)
  • SAT or ACT scores (if needed)

Building Your Student Portfolio

All candidates are required to submit a portfolio as part of the application process. The portfolio should contain 10-15 examples of your best work from the last two years. Remember this is about you, If you are feeling overwhelmed....don't. This is about YOU and what you are making. Simply submit your best work in any media and we are here to help.


• We accept all forms of art that best demonstrates your ability.

Portfolio Presentation Opportunities

Portfolios and sketchbooks may be presented in one of three ways:

1. It is strongly recommended that a personal portfolio review and campus visit be arranged as part of your decision-making process. You may schedule an individual review, interview, and tour during business hours, Monday through Friday, and during University Preview Days. Please contact the Hartford Art School admission office for dates and available appointments, or refer to our website calendar. Call us at 860.768.4393.

2. Portfolios may be shown to representatives from the Hartford Art School on National Portfolio Days, sponsored by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA), as well as on regional portfolio days. Please contact the Hartford Art School admission office for details on dates and locations of NPDA events, or visit portfolioday.net as well as our website calendar for all other events.

3. Portfolios may be submitted digitally by visiting SlideRoom and uploading your information and work to our portfolio review section. If you are applying via the Common Application please select the Common Application Users option and if you are not please select Non-Common Application Users. A list of images should also be included, indicating the medium used, date completed, and size.


You will need to submit all official sealed college transcripts from any prior institution attended. If you have fewer than 30 college credits we will also need to see your official high school transcript as well as test scores (either SAT or ACT is acceptable).

Ideally, all application materials, including recommendations, transcripts and portfolio reviews should submitted no later than February 15th for optimum consideration. However, we have a rolling admission policy and there are no official deadlines. PLEASE NOTE: For those intending to apply for financial aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed by February 1st, regardless of application filing or status.