Hartt Offers New Concentrations: Commercial Music & Open Genre
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Hartt Offers New Concentrations: Commercial Music & Open Genre

Hartt Recording Studio

The serious study of music, dance, and theatre requires looking at the past to see what previous generations of artists have accomplished while looking to the future in order to be at the cutting edge of what the performing arts can become. At Hartt, we want our students to have the skills that give them a thorough and technically solid background, but we also want them to explore and innovate as they build careers and shape the future.

Our conservatory-based training is well-known throughout the world, and Hartt graduates have been making names for themselves for nearly 100 years as performers, teachers, and scholars. Throughout our history, we have continually sought to ensure that our training is progressive and up-to-date. We are committed to infusing every program with the type of artistic training that moves beyond conservative traditions. We help our students achieve their goals with career-ready programs that turn talent and potential into recognized success.


Commercial music and open-genre concentrations

As we continue to move forward with the innate desire to break the mold, we are proud to now offer two new instrumental or vocal concentrations: commercial music and open-genre.

Commercial Music includes concentrations on bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, or voice, and is available to students auditioning into the composition, music management, or music production and technology majors. Open-genre is another new option available to students auditioning into the composition major. These programs continue to welcome those interested in concentrations within classical instruments, classical voice, and jazz instruments or voices.

Apply for Fall 2019

Students interested in our new concentrations are required to successfully pass an interview and audition.

In support of this exciting new expansion, we are proud to announce a full-tuition scholarship competition for select students accepted into composition, music management, and music production and technology regardless of concentration. This invitation-only scholarship event will take place at the University of Hartford on March 9, 2019.