Audition/Interview Information
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Audition/Interview Information

Dates & Deadlines:

specific audition requirements by area:

additional information:

Scheduling the Audition/Interview

All auditions and/or interviews are scheduled by completing the Hartt Supplemental Application or through Acceptd. Hartt Admissions cannot schedule auditions/interviews by phone. Applicants will select their preferred audition/interview date and will receive an Audition/Interview Confirmation letter via e-mail confirming the audition date and schedule.


Applicants to all degree programs will audition and/or interview on Hartt's scheduled audition/interview dates. Please review the tables below to find out if you will audition, interview, or both. Only graduate level conducting, music education, artist diploma, and doctoral applicants will need to submit preliminary recordings.

Note: All graduate conducting, Artist Diploma, and Doctor of Musical Arts applicants must audition/interview in person on one of the established on-campus audition days due to the level of application and entrance testing requirements. For the same reason, PhD applicants must come to campus for interviewing and testing on a date to be arranged by the Music Education division.

Audition Only Interview Only Audition & Interview
BSE Acoustics & Music BA Music (no lessons) Actor Training
Instrumental Performance Performing Arts Management BA Music (with lessons)
Jazz Studies Composition
Music Education
Music History
Music Management
Music Production & Technology
Music Theatre
Music Theory
Voice Performance

*In some cases, an informal "interview" takes place during the allotted audition time to allow faculty an opportunity to get to know the applicant.

Graduate Programs
Audition Only Interview Only Audition & Interview
Instrumental Performance Composition Conducting
Piano Performance – Pedagogy Music Education Instrumental Performance – Suzuki Pedagogy
Music History – Scholarship & Research Music Education – Conducting emphases (full-time)
Music History – Performance Practices Voice Performance
Music Theory

*All instrumental conducting auditions with Hartt ensembles take place on February 16, 2018. Choral conducting auditions are arranged individually by the chair of the Choral Conducting program.

Upon favorable review of the preliminary conducting video, applicants will be scheduled for the in-person instrumental conducting audition/interview on this date. Choral Conducting applicants will be contacted directly by the chair of the Choral Conducting program to establish the audition date.