Music Theatre Requirements
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Music Theatre

  • Prepare two 32-bar cuts from contrasting songs. One song must have been written prior to 1985. You may be asked to present only one selection.

  • Prepare one monologue from a published contemporary play or musical.

  • Applicants will participate in a group dance audition. The purpose of the dance audition is not only to see the candidate's dance experience, but to assess facility (i.e. body and physical ability).

  • Applicants will interview with faculty and should be prepared to initiate a conversation in which they share their reasons for pursuing this field.

Recorded Auditions
  • Prepare two, 32-bar cuts from contrasting songs. One song must have been written prior to 1985.

  • Prepare one monologue from a published, contemporary play or musical.

  • Prepare a one minute dance sample appropriate to musical theatre.

Video(s) from a staged play/musical will not be accepted.

Audition Tips

When selecting your monologue(s), choose material that is gender and age appropriate.

Read the entire work from which the monologue originates so that you understand the character and context well.

Music Theatre majors should wear basic dance or rehearsal attire (tights, leotard, jazz pants, fitted t-shirt, all in dark colors), and jazz or ballet shoes to the dance call.

Hair should be pulled off the face and neck, and jewelry removed.

Baggy clothes will impede our ability to properly assess your abilities.

Character shoes and sneakers are not recommended.

Please contact Hartt Theatre Coordinator Ashley Malcolm, with questions or for additional information.