Music History
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Music History

The Hartt School offers a major in music history at the following levels. Please click on the program to see a curricular outline.

Bachelor of Music - Performance Practice Emphasis
Bachelor of Music - Scholarship & Research Emphasis
Master of Music - Performance Practice Emphasis
Master of Music - Scholarship & Research Emphasis

Hartt’s music history program guides students through the evolution of music. From broad interest survey courses, to in-depth special topic courses on the symphony, the history of musical instruments, and Bach and Handel, both majors and nonmajors gain a comprehensive understanding of all periods of music.

At the undergraduate and master levels, students may choose either an emphasis in research or performance practices. Hartt’s wide collection of early instruments such as recorders, Renaissance lutes and flutes, harpsichords, clavichord, baroque bows, shawms, and sackbuts provide students with an active and creative learning environment.

Applicants to the master’s degree program should have a bachelor’s degree in music history or its equivalent. An important feature of the curriculum is flexibility in elective courses suited to the interests and needs of the student. Core and elective courses are designed to assist the student in preparing the master's thesis.