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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a student required to remain in Hillyer College for two years?
Nearly all of our students remain in the College for the full two years. At the end, they earn an Associates of Arts degree. The College's goal is to help students achieve the bachelor's degree through a 2+2 program– two years at Hillyer and then two added years for BA degree completion. There are definite advantages to completing the degree since the Hillyer credential contains an accepted general education curriculum. If we find that changing a student's path through college will benefit him or her, we will certainly do so, but we have found that to be the exception rather than the rule. 

Do all of the Hillyer students live in the same residence hall?
No. Hillyer College students join their peers from the other six colleges and schools of the University of Hartford in everything from residence hall life to intercollegiate athletics. One's roommate could just as easily be a student from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, the Barney School of Business, or any of the other schools and colleges of the University.

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Is there tutoring available in subjects?
Yes. Hillyer College has its own Academic Strategies Department and a Study Center. Students go there for one-time or ongoing help in classes. Faculty and peer tutors are available, without charge, for this service.
Hillyer College Study Center Website 

Do I have to reapply to the University at the end of two years, if I want to continue in one of the other six colleges or schools for a bachelor's degree?
No. The University treats a graduating Hillyer College student as if they were simply changing majors at the University. There are no applications but there is a Change of Major form to be completed by the student and the Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services. 

If I decide to continue for my bachelor's degree elsewhere, will my credits transfer?
Yes. While 78% of the students will remain at the University of Hartford, 22% do continue for a BA or BS degree elsewhere. The faculty of Hillyer College are always available to assist with transfer applications and recommendations. In a recent survey, we found out that almost all of the classes transfer. Different universities sometimes have specific courses they require students to take there, but for the most part, all that Hillyer students enroll in here will transfer. 

If 22% of your students transfer, where do they go?
The last several classes have had students enroll at: Boston College, Boston University, Brown University, College of Charleston, Colorado State University, Columbia University, Indiana University, Northeastern University, University of Colorado, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, University of New Hampshire, University of North Carolina, Seton Hall University, Trinity College, and Wesleyan University among others.

If 78% of your students remain at the University of Hartford, where do they go?
Approximately 54% will go into the College of Arts & Sciences. Many will major in psychology, biology, criminal justice, and communications. Another 36% of the students will enter the Barney School of Business. Many will major in accounting, management, and marketing. Finally, 10% will enter the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions. Most of these students will become elementary education or special education majors. Each year, there will also be students who will enter engineering, art, or other areas of the University. 

Do Hillyer College students participate in student clubs and organizations?
Absolutely. In fact, nearly every club and organization has had a Hillyer College student as its leader at one time or another.
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What should I do if I am interested in Division I athletics?
Hillyer College students are on just about every men's and women's sport offered by the University. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities through the Division I athletic program, the NCAA has specific rules and procedures that must be followed. High school coaches may contact the University of Hartford coach for more information. You can get a listing of Division I men's and women's sports by going to All of the teams also have opportunities for "walk-ons" - students who come to the University and simply try out for the team. 

Are there services for students with disabilities?
Yes. There are students with documented learning disabilities in all of the schools and colleges of the University. In fact, a recent study showed that 11% of the U.S. population has some form of a learning disability. There is a University of Hartford service that provides assistance to all students, regardless of school or college. This service is called Learning Plus.
Learning Plus Website 

Are there suggested readings that could be of help?
Absolutely. We have put together a listing of recommended readings not only for parents, but for students headed off to college as well. We think the readings, while frank at times, give parents and college-bound students an understanding of what to expect in the first year of college.

  • Don't Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide To The College Years
    Helen E. Johnson & Christine Schelhas-Miller
  • Letting Go: A Parent's Guide To Understanding The College Years
    Karen Levin Coburn & Madge Lawrence Treeger
  • When Kids Go To College: A Parent's Guide To Changing Relationships
    Barbara M. Newman and Philip R. Newman
  • You're On Your Own (But I'm Here If You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During The College Years
    Marjorie Savage