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Meet Hillyer Faculty


Michele Troy

Pedagogy: it’s an old-fashioned word with a simple meaning. Pedagogy is defined as the art of teaching, and Michele Troy, an associate professor of English, takes the art of teaching to new levels of creativity and imagination.   Meet Professor Troy


Renwick Griswold

On a rainy day in the fall, Renwick Griswold, associate professor of sociology, led his students through underbrush swarming with mosquitoes so they could stake out two six-acre plots on the University of Hartford campus.   Meet Professor Griswold


Stephan Bullard

Hillyer faculty members like to "get their feet wet"--in this case, literally. Stephan Bullard likes to get outside the classroom, dive into his research, and bring back new methods to reinvigorate the classroom experience for his students.  Meet Professor Bullard


Bilal Dabir Sekou

Bilal Dabir Sekou spends a lot of time thinking, researching, and teaching about the gap between what most people believe to be right and how those beliefs play out in the real world.  Meet Professor Sekou


Marissa Cloutier

Marissa Cloutier, instructor in biology and nutrition, grew up with an appreciation for health and well being.   Meet Professor Cloutier


Mary Fister

"Have you ever tasted a blackberry, strawberry, or blueberry?" That’s a question Mary Fister likes to ask her creative writing students, and when she talks about berries, she means the kind you pull directly from a plant or a bush on a summer's day.  Meet Professor Fister