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Alumni Profile - Jay E. Weissbluth, M.D.

WeissbluthWeissbluth says he considered becoming a surgeon but decided against it. “I wanted to do something related to internal medicine. I wanted to be the kind of doctor that people go to as a first line when it comes to their medical care. I considered specializing in other kinds of medicine,” he says, “but gastroenterology comes with the problem-solving challenges I like. Sooner or later, almost everybody has stomach problems.” 

Weissbluth, who has been practicing medicine for 20 years, has two offices in Brooklyn and is an attending physician at three hospitals and two affiliate nursing homes. He loves his work, but says it can be emotionally hard to deal with people who are very sick. A confessed workaholic, Weissbluth says it’s also a huge challenge to cope with the incredibly long hours and the ever increasing paperwork that come with running a successful practice. He feels fortunate that his pursuit of medicine has allowed him a lifestyle and opportunity to do so many things he thought would never be possible. 

Weissbluth, who underperformed in high school, says Hillyer gave him the basics he needed to succeed in medicine. He zeroed in on his studies and didn’t stop, graduating from the University of Hartford in 1978. “I remember being a senior and everybody was partying while I was trekking to the library with a 40-pound organic chemistry book.”