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International Center Faculty Grant Recipients

The International Center awards up to six grants to full-time faculty members each year.  Previously, awards were granted to the following faculty:


  • Lisa Zawilinski (ENHP) to support travel to Porto, Portugal to present at the International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology. Zawilinski presented alongside her colleague, Laurie Henry from the University of Kentucky, on their study of enhancing educator preparation programs to support innovative instructional models in P12 schools. Zawilinski hopes to expand upon her research and investigate opportunities for students to study abroad or visit the University of Hartford.
  • Donna Menhart (Hartt) to support travel to Alberta, Canada to present her research on the Kodály method at the 23rd International Kodály Symposium. The symposium offers new methods and skills to incorporate into the curriculum and share with the music education community. Menhart provides cross-cultural experiences for students by emphasizing world music and dance in her courses.
  • Theodore Sawruk (CETA) to support travel to Bern, Switzerland to present his paper on the natural ventilation in Connecticut houses of the 1700s and 1800s, at the Advanced Building Skills Conference. Sawruk will promote the University’s architecture program, incorporate new knowledge into the curriculum, and engage with colleagues as a means to establish connections for guest lectures and potential international employment opportunities for CETA and architecture graduates.
  • Carmen Cotei (Barney) to support travel to Budapest, Hungary to present her paper on the M&A exit oucome of new, high-tech ventures at the 25th annual conference of the Multinational Finance Society. During the conference, Cotei will network with colleagues to gain additional data for her research regarding the financing choices of small vertures. Cotei's participation will contribute to the University of Hartford's undergraduate and graduate curriculum, as well as enhance the visibility and prestige of the University of Hartford. 


  • Theresa Abodeeb-Gentile (ENHP) to support travel to Kingston, Jamaica to present her findings on two studies relevant to the World Assembly theme: Teachers for a Better World: Creating Conditions for Quality Education – Pedagogy, Policy, and Professionalism. Her participation in this international conference contributes to a growing body of research, and enhances the visibility and prestige of the University of Hartford.
  • Michael Clancy (A&S) to support travel to Canterbury, United Kingdom to attend a conference and deliver his paper, “Dark Tourism and National Identity: The Case of the National September 11th Museum.” Clancy also presented the findings of his research during the University’s 2017 International Week.


  • Andrew Wollner (HAS) to support travel to Shanghai, China. Wollner hopes to develop a study abroad program for the Hartford Art School’s Visual Communication Design Department to provide students with a global perspective on art, design, and creative practice. Wollner also hopes to increase international student recruitment for his department.
  • Ken Steen (Hartt) to support travel to Gothenburg, Sweden to develop a new exchange program and study abroad course with the Academy of Music and Drama of the University of Gothenburg. Steen will build upon Hartt School efforts to increase international exchange and future institutional collaboration opportunities in the Nordic region.
  • Bin Zhu (A&S) to support travel to Shanghai, China. Zhu will conduct research on the potential active cancer suppressing components of invasive aquatic plants in collaboration with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Zhu also seeks to develop international education collaborations and a study abroad program.
  • Susan Coleman (Barney) to support travel to Dundalk, Ireland to represent the United States at the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Project. Coleman will develop modules covering U.S. and global entrepreneurship public policies in her Finance 484 and Finance 684 courses. She will also identify influential elements for promoting growth-oriented entrepreneurship in women.
  • Eoin King (CETA) to support travel to Dublin, Ireland to develop a study abroad course for Acoustical Engineering students. The course will focus on educating students about noise control and the European Union’s legislation of noise control. Professor King also hopes to expand the reputation of the University, both nationally and internationally.
  • Rita Porfiris and Anton Miller (Hartt) to support travel to Germany and Greece. Porfiris and Miller will be conducting research and performing in Germany, followed by a week of performances in Greece.
  • Amanda Carlson (HAS) to support travel to Nigeria to present at the Historical Society of Nigeria @ 60, the National Experience. Professor Carlson will also be collaborating with Nigerian Scholars and government officials on the preservation of Cross River Stone Monoliths. While abroad, Carlson will conduct research, expand on the body of knowledge to implement into her courses at the University, and assist in the recruiting efforts of international students.
  • Annmarie Davis (Hartt) to support travel to London, England to participate in the theater in London Study Abroad Program. Davis’ participation will enable her to improve upon the program for future students.
  • Gabor Viragh (Hartt) to support travel to Budapest, Hungary to visit the Kodály Institute at the Ferenc Liszt University. Viragh will work toward a better understanding of the Hungarian system of ear-training, as well as networking with faculty at the Kodály institute to develop a study abroad program for Hartt students.


  • Theodore Sawruk (CETA) to support travel to Bogota, Colombia to establish a study abroad program for undergraduate architecture students. Sawruk has been working with the Department of Architecture to revise the undergraduate Architectural Engineering Technology curriculum in order to allow students the opportunity to study abroad.
  • Diana Veneri (ENHP) to support travel to Texas and Mexico. Veneri will participate in the training of prosthetic rehabilitation specialists at LIMBS International, and use the experience to further develop teaching modules in the area of prosthetic rehabilitation.
  • Woody Doane (Hillyer) to support travel to Yokohama, Japan to present a paper, “Alienated Consciousness and Dominant Group Racial Ethnic Identity,” at the XVIII International Sociological Association's World Congress of Sociology. Doane plans to expand his scholarly and pedagogical focus beyond the United States, develop modules or honors courses on race and ethnicity with a global perspective, and create a study abroad program.
  • Michael Clancy (A&S) to support travel to Umbria, Italy to participate in the Frantoi Aperti festival, and edit his book, Slow Tourism and Slow Food. Clancy will enhance the University’s reputation through publication and contribute to a growing body of knowledge on slow tourism.
  • Sundeep Muppidi (A&S) to support travel to Hyderabad, India. Muppidi will participate as a member of the international advisory board of the International Association for Media and Communication Research. At the conference, he plans to meet prospective students interested in the University’s Master’s programs in Communication, Management, Engineering, and Art. 

International Center Faculty Grants 2013 - 2014

  • Donna Menhart (Hartt) to support travel to Hungary to present at the International Kodály Symposium to further her research on the Kodály method. This symposium will provide her with new methods and skills to incorporate into her curriculum and share with the music education community. Donna provides cross-cultural experiences for students by emphasizing world music and dance in her courses.
  • David Pines (CETA) to support development of the interdisciplinary engineering course ES 393 Pathways to Sustainability: A US and European Perspective with two of his CETA colleagues, Tom Filburn and Cy Yavuzturk. This unique course will enable three faculty to co-teach a course abroad to facilitate student learning on evaluating the sustainability of alternative energy resources.
  • Ladimer Nagurney (CETA) to support the pilot student collaboration project with Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden for the upcoming semester through the procurement of technology for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ladimer will travel to Sweden in the spring to assess the project and further develop this collaborative relationship with the university in Sweden.
  • Amanda Carlson (HAS) to support the program entitled Women, Art and Culture of West Africa, in which she will lead students to Nigeria and Ghana to work on a field study project focusing on the roles and images of women in Calabar Carnival and on building leadership skills in the arts. The grant will also support her teaching and final research for her book manuscript, Gender, Art and Writing in Cross River State, Nigeria.
  • Andy Hao (Barney) to support travel to Beijing, China to conduct outreach and recruitment efforts. Hao will also be working on the development of joint online case studies for University students and students in China.
  • Laurence Gould (A&S) to support travel to The International Symmetry Association Festival in the Netherlands. Gould is heavily involved in the conference through chairing and organizing multiple symposiums, as well as with delivering a research presentation and lecture. Gould will work in collaboration with both the Art School and the Hartt School on the development of faculty exchanges and a short-term study abroad program.
  • Bharat Kolluri (Barney) to support his four-fold project to travel to India to conduct research on the interrelationships between stock and bond returns in India, collaborate with his co-author on several articles to be published, and teach MBA courses on-site. Kolluri will work with the International Admissions Office, as he has done in the past, to assist with recruiting efforts at the undergraduate and graduate level in India.

International Center Faculty Grants 2012 - 2013

  • Irina Naoumova (Barney) to support the Barney School’s International Business Plan Competition, held in Spring, 2013. The funding will support the growth of the competition into a signature University of Hartford event involving cooperation with universities from around the world. 
  • Fei Xue (A&S) to support a presentation at the International STEM in Education Conference in Beijing, which will also include the development of academic partnerships in China and increase international recruitment for the University of Hartford.
  • Devdas Shetty (CETA) to support travel to India to build a University of Hartford partnership with the PSG College of Science and Technology in Coimbatore at the undergraduate level, and with Nitte University in Bangalore at the graduate level. 
  • Sarah Senk (A&S) to support travel to the Postcolonial Traumas Conference in the United Kingdom to present a paper examining the works of the poet M. NourbeSe Philip. She will incorporate the experience into her classroom curriculum.
  • Richard Freund (A&S) to support travel to China to explore the development of a study abroad program examining Archeology and the History of Jews in China. Freund will also lecture at the Shanghai Normal University(SNU)  and present the University of Hartford to potential international students from Shanghai University and SNU.
  • Michael Robinson (Hillyer) to support travel to Uganda to complete research on his book manuscript on Africa, to expand the area content of the three courses HSB 165, HSB 235 and AUC190, and to foster guest lectures through the professional links established at the Makerere Institute of Social Research. 
  • Glen Adsit (Hartt) to support travel to Beijing, China to conduct an international composition workshop and establish concrete connections with the Central Conservatory of Music for a student exchange program and potential for faculty exchanges in the future. This activity directly benefits University of Hartford students by enabling them to participate in a conservatory abroad program in China as well as internationalizing the University's campus by bringing in Chinese students.
  • Carol Padberg (Art) to support travel to Hong Kong to attend the Globalization Symposium and present on the Sustainable Studio course she led in Ghana in January 2012. Padberg will incorporate the concepts of Chinese art education into the classroom and explore possibilities for a study abroad program in China focusing on art.

International Center Faculty Grants 2011 - 2012

  • Carolyn Pe Rosiene (A&S) to present a paper at the International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Natacha Poggio (HAS) to present a paper at the Design Without Borders International Conference in Mexico City, where she will discuss her Design for Global Change course, including service-learning case studies in India, Kenya, and the Hartford area.
  • Akram Abu-aisheh (CETA) to build upon the relationship with Princess Sumaya University of Technology in Jordan, with the objective of encouraging support and participation in this student and faculty exchange partnership.
  • Hiro Fukawa (HAS) to support the development of his short-term study abroad program “Art and Culture in Japan,” to be offered in summer 2012.
  • Ben Toth (Hartt) to purchase Persian and Turkish drums in an effort to expand the percussion curriculum to include Middle Eastern drum studies.
  • Peter Oliver (ENHP) to assist in the development of his short-term study abroad program Thai Culture, Religion, and Traditional Healing Arts, to be offered in winter 2013.
  • Tony Rauche (Hillyer) to support the residency of a group of Korean musicians visiting the University of Hartford in the spring of 2012. This residency will have an interdisciplinary focus including history, globalization and cultural studies.

International Center Faculty Grants 2010 - 2011

  • Carol Padberg (Art) to assist in a four-fold project in Ghana encompassing creative research efforts, internationalization of the Professional Practice course, and the development of a short-term study abroad course at Kokrobite Institute in Africa.
  • Bin Zhu (A&S) to develop a short-term study abroad course in China that will expose students to a comparative study of water pollution in the U.S. and China. The course is expected to launch in summer 2012.
  • Tom Eppes (CETA) to further develop partnerships with Princess Sumaya University for Technology and Palestine Polytechnic University and to participate in the EDUCON II Conference.
  • Joyce Ashuntantang (Hillyer) to travel to Cameroon to search for the missing transcript Things Fall Apart, and begin networking at the University of Buea to develop a short-term study abroad program.
  • Andy Hao and Susan Coleman (Barney) to fund further development of the International Business study abroad course in China. The course was successfully launched in summer 2011 and will be offered again in 2012.
  • Michelle Vigeant (CETA) to present papers at the International Congress on Acoustics and the International Symposium on Room Acoustics in Australia. The trip facilitated a meeting with engineering faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Bob Davis (Hartt) to assist in the Hartt School’s efforts to continue the successful music theater program in Prato, Italy that began in 2006. The program will be offered in winterterm 2012.
  • Mary Gannoti (ENHP) to support the development of the course Cross-Cultural Rehabilitation, to be taught in Jamaica in January 2012. This will be the first international program developed for Doctor of Physical Therapy students.

International Center Faculty Grants 2009 - 2010

  • Susan Coleman (Barney) to collaborate with faculty at Shandong University of Finance in China to develop an Entrepreneurial Finance course and research women-owned businesses in China, as well as explore the possibilities of short-term study abroad opportunities and recruitment.
  • Dennis Wasko (Hillyer) to develop a long-term research program in Gambia that will incorporate Gambian researchers, field workers, and undergraduate students, as well as develop the foundations of a study abroad course for students in Gambia.
  • George Generas (Barney) to finalize the planning of the new IB 613 course, Global Aspects of Management, to be offered in Berlin, Germany in summer 2010. This will be the first of three new international MBA courses developed in collaboration with ESCP Europe, the others being in Paris and Madrid.
  • Michael Clancy (A&S) to develop a three-week study abroad program in Ireland beginning in 2011 that will be repeatedly offered in the future. It will involve POL 290ST, Ireland: Before and After the Celtic Tiger, as well as a potential AUC course on Irish Literature/History.
  • Srikrishna Ayyangar (A&S) to develop a two-term political science course on Development and Globalization in India, to be offered on an annual basis in the future. The first component of the course will take place on campus, followed by a short-term course in Bangalore and Kuppam, India.
  • Don Ellis (A&S) to conduct research in Israel that will expose students to international media and develop his course, Media and the Middle East, with a concentration on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • David Westfall (Hartt) to build on the relationship between The Hartt School and Manheim University of Music and Performing Arts in Germany by discussing future recruitment and support of the exchange program.