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OSP Templates

Required OSP Grant Submission Forms

Please note that the grant proposal process must undergo an internal review process prior to actual submission to the funding agency. We ask that you provide all required & final documents to OSP 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline.

Below you will find the required internal OSP forms that are required with all external funding proposals. These forms assist OSP in collecting all critical information as required by the University and requirements of the grant.

  1. The ProSum Template or "ProSum" is a key internal document used by OSP and required for any grant submission. This form is required by the University as it contains essential information about the PI, grant proposal, as well as obtaining the necessary institutional signatures.

  2. The Internal Budget Template - Public is an MSExcel workbook covering five years of a program. It contains a detailed allocation of the budget according to the requirements of Financial Accounting Services (FAS), and is used by the University accountants to input a grant award budget into the Banner financial system used by the University of Hartford.

  3. PRIVATE (note:the only difference between the private and public budget is the Indirect Cost Rate)The Matching Funds Template is an MSExcel file that summarizes the University's cost share or match portion of a proposal. It must be signed by the dean and the Provost, and should contain the correct fund and org numbers for Financial Accounting Services to audit the contribution.

  4. The Internal Budget Template - Private for private funding is similar to that of the template for the public sector.

  5. The Conflict of Interest (COI) is a required internal document that must be signed by the primary investigator(s) on a proposal. It must then be counter-signed by the appropriate college dean, scanned/emailed to OSP once signed where our office will obtain final signatures from the Provost.

Administrative Support Forms

  1. It is encouraged that all faculty/staff complete a BioSketch Form to help guide OSP in matching research funding with a funding opportunity.  (See BioSketch Instructions) A biosketch is a document that highlight's the individual's qualifications as well as future insight into research/ideas. (See BioSketch Sample)

  2. Time & Effort Reports are required by all key personnel that documents the time and effort spent on any project which have received public-sector (Federal, State & Local) funds and private funds. The T&E Reports are required for the University to remain in compliance with government entities and eligible for additional grant and contract funding. Please contact Toni Guilford at 860-768-5940 if you need further assistance.

Other Internal OSP Institutional Forms

  1. The Letter of Intent is only required when the funding agency requires one and/or another institution requires this information.  The letter of intent may also be required by a funding agency to initiate intent of new proposal.

  2. The Invention Disclosure form is for faculty or staff who have marketable inventions developed using University of Hartford resources. This form is required to begin the process of technology transfer.

Templates for Grant Submission

  1. Budget Justification Example

  2. Current and Pending Support