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Multicultural Clubs

UHart’s campus is composed of unique individuals, who don’t all see the world the same way. That's the point.

We embrace different cultures, opponions, and perspectives. Join our multicultural clubs to learn about different cultures.

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African Student Union (ASU)

Our main goal is to promote cultural and social awareness with African students among the whole student body and faculty at the University of Hartford. We work to encourage better communication and comprehension between African students and other individuals of the university community, while encouraging different activities and events that depict the honorable and social norms of African culture.

Contact Information:

President: Uchenna Ogechukwu,

Vice President: Sokari MacHarry,

Treasurer: Ifeatu Ezedm,

Secretary: OnJonae Fann-Thomas,

Publicist: Aj Mhyah,

Event Planner: Michel-Ange Aurelus-Joseph,

Ethics Chair: Nana Amankwah,

Why should you join this organization?
We host community events that encourage seeking out students with similar interests while brining cultural awareness to our campus’ African student body.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

The Asian Students Association focuses on promoting awareness of Asian cultures across that diaspora. This relatively newer organization continues to seek new members, expand the breadth of their programs, and forge new relationships with other cultural organizations.

Contact Information:

President: Kelly Chen-Ruan,

Vice President: Logan Jayson,

Secretary: Victoria Rozario, 

Treasurer: Reena Odedra,

Public Relations: Christine Gallares,

Event Coordinator: Maryam Aqdas,

Advisor: Llonia Rojan Jackson,

Why should you join this organization?
Cultural cuisine, cooking workshops, trips to New York City for cultural excursions, and baking cookies for preschoolers for the Holiday Party are some of their activities.

Brothers and Sisters United (BSU)

Brothers and Sisters United (BSU) is the oldest recognized student organization on campus. The members represent all races and ethnicities, although they began as a primarily African American advocacy organization. Established in 1964, BSU is involved in all aspects of campus life, and service to the greater Hartford community.

Contact Information:

President: Maia Craig,

Vice President: Jasmine Streeter,

Treasurers: Amyah Harris, ; Zaria Scarlett,

Publicist: Tori Smith,

Ethics: Courtney Greene,

Cultural Arts: Arielle Ramirez,

Advisor: Llonia Rojan Jackson,

Why should you join this organization?
We have performed community service for elementary, middle and high school students, collected food and clothing for local shelters, donated goods to veterans and soldiers, and are considered the forerunner for many of the current Multicultural organizations. BSU collaborates with many other campus organizations and is devoted to enhancing the undergraduate experience for all students.

Caribbean American Student Association (CASA)

The Caribbean and American Students Association (CASA) is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of the Caribbean culture and is representative of all Caribbean nations. The organization boasts a large membership that participates in campus social and educational activities, community service and cultural celebrations.

Contact Information:

President: Samantha Marte,, (347) 859-7854

Treasurer: Gabriella Calderon,, (516) 858-9474 

Ethics Chair: Mia Mitchner,, (347) 781-7198

Publicist: Uchenna Duru,, (862) 267-8345

Secretary: Maya Germain,, (857) 312-7767

Vice President: Terell,, (347) 676-9353

Why should you join this organization?
Some of our programming efforts include Carnival, the Preschool Holiday Party, a Mother's Day Luncheon, game nights, bag lunches for homeless shelters, and campaigning in local elections. CASA welcomes any student who wishes to support the goals of promoting diverse cultures.

Haitian Culture Association (HCA)

Are you Haitian or interested in being part of a community dedicated to Haitian culture? Then this is the club for you!

Meeting Times:
Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. in Hawk Hall 115

Contact Information:
President: Ricardo Voltaire,
Vice President: Graaly Beauciquot,
Secretary: Mia Mitchner,
Treasurer: Cassandra Fleurmont,
Advisor: Llonia Rojan Jackson,

Why should you join this organization?
It's a great place to meet new people while learning about the culture!

Hispanic and Latino Student Association (HLSA)

Short Bienvenidos! Hispanic & Latino Student Association wants to unite people of all nationalities and backgrounds together. Although the club’s main focus is to bring together those of Hispanic backgrounds, the club welcomes everyone! Great food, great laughs, and even greater people.

Contact Information:

President: Leslie Martínez-Gutierrez,

Vice President: Nathalie Bolanos,

Secretary: Keanu Alcoces,

Treasurer: Osiris Nando,

Publicist: Alison Salinas,

Advisor: Fallon Roberson-Roby,

Why should you join this organization?
The mission of the HLSA is to develop a good relationship between the Latino/Hispanic students at the University of Hartford. We aim to project a clear image of the Latino/Hispanic people and their culture and to organize activities whereas the Latino/Hispanic Youth of the Hartford area be exposed to the concepts and benefits of higher education.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a social and religious organization at the University of Hartford for all students. The mission of the Muslim Student Association is to establish strong relations among the community of Muslim students on campus and to present the real picture of Islam.

Contact Information:
Advisor: Kaitlyn Marusa,

Why should you join this organization?
If you are Muslim and looking for a group where others share the same ideals as you or just interested in learning more, come join us!

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. The youth and college chapters are primarily for informing and defending the students on campus who don't have a voice. 

Meeting Times:
The University of Hartford Chapter of the NAACP meets biweekly on Thursdays at 8 p.m. in the either the K&F room in Mortensen Library or Hawk Hall. 

Contact Information:

President: Tamorae A. Binns, 

Vice President: Kristen Valentine,

Secretary: Russell Johnson,

Treasurer: Nia Mills,

Advisor: Dorice Dorvilier,

Why should you join this organization
Do you want to make a difference that matters?
Do you want to be a leader of change for good?
This is what the NAACP does!

Naciones Hispanas Unidas

Naciones Hispanas Unidas (NHU) consists of members from across the Hispanic/Latino diaspora. Our members focus on promoting cultures representative of the many, diverse cultures, and cultural foods and celebrations are the highlights of their celebrations.

Meeting Times:
Tuesdays, 1 p.m. in GSU 133

Contact Information:

Why should you join this organization?
Book Buddies, a reading and book donation program for first grade children, The Preschool Holiday Party, coat donations to local school children, Latin Night, and Latin Fest are some of their quality programs.

Strong Independent Sisters (SIS)

SIS is a group of young women who believe that the best way to advocate for young women is to first educate, then to serve. The mission of the Strong Independent Sisters Club is to advocate for women, particularly but not exclusively women of color.

Contact Information:

Strong Independent Sisters(S.I.S) has a new e-board. 

President: Chyna Lindsay,

Vice President: Mia Mitchner,

Secretary: Ijahnay Reid,

Publicists: Courtney Bertrand; ; Diovelys De Jesus,

Event planner: Monae Haugabook,

Advisor: Llonia Rojan Jackson,

Why should you join this organization?
Strength in the bonds of women, Independence in thought and deeds and Sisterhood above all else, defines this organization.