Rules and Good Practices

Intramural Sports

To make sure that everyone is safe and rules are being followed, University of Hartford Intramural Sports lists some procedures and regulations.

Rules and Good Practices

Participation in Intramural Programs is voluntary. Some recreational sports activities can be quite strenuous, others are only moderately so. The health of individuals participating in the IM program is their responsibility. Physical examinations and physicians approvals are not required by the university in order to participate. However, it is strongly recommended that participants be aware of their own limitations.

The University of Hartford Intramurals will not be held liable for injuries sustained by individuals participating in the IM Program. Any injuries or accidents occurring during intramurals should be reported immediately to on duty personnel. Participants with a health problem and/or on medication are urged to confidentially inform our staff of their specific situation. Anyone bleeding or having blood on their clothing will be prohibited from participation until appropriate measures have been administered. All participants are advised to have proper medical coverage and accident insurance before participating. Part-time and graduate students must have insurance in order to participate in intramurals. Accidents and injuries during IM contests are documented and kept on file.

It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that members of their team are eligible. Any questionable case should be brought to the Intramural Director so that an official ruling can be obtained. Rosters will be checked throughout the season. 

  1. Eligibility definitions and rules for participation in any intramural event are as follows.

    1. Full-time students at the University of Hartford with a valid student ID card.

    2. Part-time and graduate students must have a valid University of Hartford ID and show proof of health insurance before the season. (A copy must be on file with the Office).

    3. Faculty/Staff members must be members of the Sports Center. Credit is given towards the Wellness program.

  2. University of Hartford Varsity Athletes are ineligible to compete in their sport or any related sports in the Intramural Program.I.e. current baseball players may not play baseball or softball.

    1. Any individual whose name appears on a University of Hartford Athletic Department team roster will be categorized as a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.

    2. A student who begins an intercollegiate sport season on a roster and does not finish as a member of that team will be considered a Varsity Athlete for one academic year.

    3. Practice players and players who participated in tryouts are not considered a current varsity player.

  3. Only one ex-varsity letter winner is eligible to be on an intramural team roster for each sport in which the student lettered. This rule includes the holder of a varsity letter at a university or senior college other than the University of Hartford. This rule will not apply to ex-varsity athletes who graduated before September 1, 2007. (Ex-varsity refers to collegiate athlete not high school)

  4. Any professional or elite athletes are ineligible to compete in that sport or its related sports.

  5. A participant is not permitted to transfer from one team to another after participating in one scheduled game without authorization from the Intramural Director.

This section gives pre-game guidance for both staff and the participants.


All teams are recommended to get their own jerseys. Jerseys are recommended for most team sports.

  1. All jerseys must be matching and have permanent numbers. Tape is no longer permissible.
  2. Teams without jerseys will not be allowed to participate.
  3. Pinnies will be provided if teams don’t have their own jerseys or if both teams’ jerseys are similar.
Signing in
  1. Before each and every game, participants must provide a valid picture I.D. to staff at the playing site.
  2. A student, faculty or staff member who does not have an I.D. will be granted one exception. After that the player will not be allowed to play.
  3. Students are allowed one exception per sport. An updated list will be kept at the check in area.

Once a player has signed in, he/she is on that respective team’s roster. Player additions to the roster may be done anytime throughout the regular season of the sport. When playoffs begin, rosters are frozen. (Exception: If it is tournament format.). Additions to the roster may be made either on the field or in the IM Office.

Time Limits
  1. Teams should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to game time. If it’s your first game of that sport season, you will need to get there earlier than 10 minutes in order to take care of rosters and waivers.
  2. There is a five-minute grace period for a team to obtain the minimum number of players needed.
  3. When the 5 minutes expire, the team or contestant present has the following options:
  4. Take the win by forfeit. No contest will be played.
  5. Choose to wait until the opponent arrives to compete. However, the official game clock will start running as scheduled. The game will commence upon the arrival of the opponent with whatever time remaining on the clock. The waiting team will be given a scoring advantage. If the opposing team is not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled game time a win will be declared for the waiting team.
  6. If neither team has the required number of players at the scheduled game time, both teams will be given 10 minutes to complete their team. No scoring advantage will be given to either team in this case.

All participants must sign a “waiver” form before participating in their intramural event. Participants are only required to sign this form once during the school year. (Sept-May)

Forfeits are detrimental to the entire program and are an injustice to participants who want to play. Players looking forward to playing are very disappointed when opponents fail to show.

If a team forfeits a game, the captain needs to communicate in a timely fashion to the intramurals director on whether or not their team intends to stay in the league before the teams next scheduled contest.

  1. If a team forfeits twice they will be dropped from the league.
  2. Games lost by forfeit will not be rescheduled.
  3. Teams may receive a forfeit due to improper team attire.
  4. Teams found to have ineligible players in the game or on the game roster will receive a forfeit. In addition, disciplinary action may follow.

The team manager is responsible for:

  1. Submitting the registration form during the sign-up period (on time).
  2. Attending the captain’s meeting or designating a teammate to represent the team.
  3. Knowing deadline dates, mandatory meeting times, the rules governing the sport your team is participating in, as well as being familiar with IM Policies & Procedures in regard to forfeits, defaults, sportsmanship ratings, postponements, etc.
  4. Keeping the team informed as to game site, time, opponent and other pertinent information.
  5. Ensure that all team members are eligible for participation.
  6. Submitting protests if necessary.
  7. Promoting and developing good sportsmanship (teammates and fans) before, during and after all contests.
  8. Assisting the IM Staff with an ejected teammate and referring that teammate to the Director after the incident.
  9. Ensuring that the team does not forfeit!
  1. Proper attire should be worn for each activity. For your protection, as well as other participants, all jewelry and non-appropriate headgear must be removed before participating in an activity. Persons wearing casts or wrapped/padded appendages will not be allowed to participate. Individuals will be required to obtain prior approval from the field supervisor for the use of orthopedic devices essential to protect an injury.
  2. No alcohol is allowed at any IM site. Teams and their spectators found in violation of this policy would face immediate suspension.
  3. Illegal Apparel
    1. No bare feet
  4. No street/dress clothes or shoes
  5. No sandals or work-boots
  6. No exposed jewelry of any kind (rings, earrings, ropes, etc.)
  7. No metal or screw- in spikes
  8. No hats

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