Keeping Hawks Healthy

See UHart’s fall opening plan and our response to COVID-19:

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Building & Event Space

If you are thinking about reserving a space to host a meeting, program, or an events, there is space in our buildings that can serve that purpose.

When you are looking for a space, please remember to:

  • Check availability in our Calendar
  • After reviewing the availability of the anticipated location, complete one of our below reservation forms. Please note that incomplete reservation requests will not be processed. Your request must be submitted five business days before the event.

Student Organizations

All student organizations must you the form below. Make organizations must be officially recognized by the Student Government Association to book a space. If you are unsure of your recognition status with the Student Government Association (SGA), please contact the SGA at

University Departments

If you are a department on campus, you can use the link below to book your space


Are you an off-campus vendor thinking about selling goods or services on campus, you can submit a request as long as you abide by our regulations.