Room Selection for Returning Students

Are you an incoming student?

The housing/room selection process for new, incoming UHart students lives within the Housing Application

Everything returning UHart students need to know about selecting their room.

Housing Application for Returning Students

  • $75
  • Paying the application fee allows students to access their housing application and participate in room selection. This non-refundable fee has a priority deadline of April 7, but students can still submit payment and complete the housing application past April 7. 

The housing application is located in the student’s self-service account. You can learn more about the application by visiting our housing application webpage. 

Housing Options


Park River (all 4-person housing units)
  • 4 singles (20 total units)
  • 2 singles and 1 double (15 total units)
  • 2 doubles (32 total units)
The Village (Quads 3, 4, 5, 6, and front-side of 7)
  • 2-person apartments  
    • NEW this year: 8 total units where two doubles have been converted to two singles
  • 3-person apartments (1 single and 1 double)
    • NEW this year: 16 total units where one double has been converted to a single
  • 4-person apartments 
    • 2 doubles (42 total units)
    • 2 singles and 1 double (10 total units)
  • 5-person apartments 
    • 1 single and 2 doubles (10 total units)
    • NEW this year: 8 additional units where one double has been converted to a single
  • 6-person apartments 
    • 3 doubles (24 total units)


Regents Park 
  • 2-person suites (2 singles)
    • NEW this year: 39 total units where both doubles have been converted to singles
  • 3-person suites (3 singles)
    • NEW this year: 15 total units where one double has been converted to a single
  • 4-person suites 
    • 4 singles (48 total units)
    • 2 singles and 1 double (15 total units)
    • 2 doubles (21 total units)

Traditional Halls

D Neighborhood —New Hawk Experience (Speciality housing for more info)
  • NEW this year: 24 super singles
  • Doubles (100 total rooms)
E Neighborhood
  • Singles (52 total rooms)
  • NEW this year: 18 super singles 
  • Doubles (42 total rooms)
  • NEW this year: Pods 
    • 2 singles and 1 super single (3 total groups of rooms)
    • 2 singles and 1 double (3 total groups of rooms)
    • 1 super single and 1 double (3 total groups of rooms)
    • 2 doubles (3 total groups of rooms)


Please note the numbers of apartments, suites, and rooms available are subject to change based on student needs. In addition, some units listed may be unavailable during room selection.

Based upon feedback from students, we are excited to offer the following specialty housing options for returning students for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


The New Hawk Experience is for rising sophomores who have been remote at any point this past year, transfer students, residential students who will be living on campus for the first time, and other returning students who are looking to be part of a community of like-minded peers as they re-acclimate or transition to our UHart on-campus community. This community will provide residents with intentional opportunities to connect with other New Hawks. Over the course of the year students will also build cultural awareness and leadership skills, connect with campus resources, and build relationships with student leaders, staff, and faculty. We invite you to take part in this unique opportunity and be a part of this inclusive, engaging, and spirited UHart living community.

  • Location: Neighborhood D
  • Room Types: Super-single and double rooms available 

Substance-free housing is available for returning students who want to live with like-minded students a housing community free from smoking, vaping, tobacco products, and alcohol. Students can live with a roommate of their choice or request to live with another Substance-free housing student.   


Newly renovated units have been specifically designed to meet the needs of students who want to live with apartment-mates who are Kosher, Shabbat, and Jewish holiday observant.

Housing Details

Single-gender apartments will include dedicated meat and dairy refrigerators, separated sink, self-cleaning oven, Shabbat lights, manual sinks, and keyed locks. Apartments are close to Hillel, and within walking distance to Chabad.

  • 4-person units (2 singles, 1 double; 2 total units)

Please email Lisa Langsner to apply. The priority deadline to apply is April 12.

Non gender-specific housing are housing units that are not designated by gender. Students can live with any student regardless of their gender-identity. 


In order to be eligible, all students applying must:

  • Pay the Housing Application Fee
  • Complete the Housing Application

If past April 9, students should email

Information about personal data

Our online housing application pulls personal details, including each student's self-identified sex, from Banner. The Office of Residential Life (ORL) recognizes a student's sex may be different than their gender. The ORL supports all forms of gender identity and expression and encourages students who identify as transgender, non-binary, and questioning to contact our Office at so we can work with you to identify a housing environment that supports and reflects your gender identity.

Individuals and groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 can go through room selection. Students will receive a group or an individual time slot.

  • Individuals can select a single room or an available space within a larger housing unit.
  • Priority Deadline: Individuals must complete their application by April 8 (if past April 8, please email
  • Priority Deadline: Groups must be registered by April 9 to get a group time slot. (if past April 8, please email
  • Only one member of the group participates in room selection. This person will log in and select a housing assignment for the entire group.
  • Your room selection time slot will be determined by the size of your group and the enrollment year of group members.  

Time slots will be distributed on April 16 via students’ email if applied by priority deadline. 

UHart now offers new on-campus housing options for graduate students beginning Fall 2021. These renovated units are conveniently located to your classes, lab spaces, and the library. Summer housing is also available. 

Our graduate housing community will be comprised of only graduate students and feature fully renovated single bedrooms, bathrooms, and shared living spaces. Two bedroom with one bath and 3 bedroom with two bath units are available. Apartments come completely furnished with bedroom, living room, and kitchen furniture as well as kitchen appliances and a microwave. All utilities including water, electricity, trash, University WiFi, basic cable, heat and air conditioning are included. Other campus amenities include free laundry, free parking, and use of the University Sports Center. Meal plans are also available but are not required. Students can request to live with one or two other graduate students or will be assigned a roommate(s) with the same gender. 

Semester housing costs include winter break housing for graduate students who live on-campus for both fall and spring semesters. Shorter summer housing options, as well as short-term storage for students completing summer clinicals or internships may be available.

Students are assigned on-campus housing for a full academic year (August-May). See the Residential Housing Refund Policy for more information on specific cancellation fees and/or refund amounts. Please note that next year's information is only available on the Housing Portal in Self-Service until the conclusion of the current academic year.

Summary of Important Dates

  • Room selection process begins: Monday, March 15
  • Priority Deadline for Housing application fee: Wednesday, April 7
  • Priority Deadline for Housing application: Thursday, April 8
  • Priority Deadline for Non gender-specific housing request: Friday, April 9 (If past this date, email
  • Room selection: Tuesday-Thursday, April 20-22
  • Students must be registered as full-time students by: Wednesday, May 5