Housing Resources

There are a lot of questions that come up when you are living on campus—what do I do if I lose my key? How do I request to change rooms? How can I request for something to get fixed in my room? Find the answers below.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us. 


Room access

When you reside in most on-campus housing, you will use your University of Hartford student ID card to access the exterior door of your assigned residence hall. In addition, you will receive one or two keys, depending on your housing assignment, to access the suite floor, apartment, and/or bedroom doors.  

Are you locked out?

For assistance stop by the Office of Residential Life during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. From 4:30-7:30 p.m. you can call Public Safety 860.768.7985. After 7:30 p.m. contact your resident assistant on duty.

  • You will be asked to provide your student ID or an alternate form of identification.

  • Your room assignment will be verified.

  • You may incur a lock-out charge. Below is the schedule of charges. The charges apply for the full academic year.

Lock out charges:

  • Lock Out Fee: $25
  • Improper Lock Out Fee: $150

Have you lost your keys?

  • Come to the Office of Residential Life between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • You will be asked to provide your student ID or an alternate form of identification.

  • You will have 72 hours after you complete the lost key form to continue looking for your lost key.  

  • Your room assignment will be verified prior to issuing a temporary key. Keys cannot be issued to friends or relatives.

  • The cost of a lock change is always the responsibility of the resident and it applies whether your key is lost or stolen.

  • Temporary keys are to be returned when new keys are issued.


  • Per occurrence in the Complexes: $120

  • Per occurrence in the Village Apartments: $150

  • Emergency lock change on weekends: $180-$240

Safety tip: you should not prop doors or leave your residence hall door unlocked for any reason, including a lost key.

General Information

At the beginning of the year, and as students check out of their housing assignment, Residential Life and/or Facilities team members inspect each housing unit.  Students are encouraged to inspect the space themselves and are giving an opportunity to record the condition of their housing unit. If a student fails to submit this information, it is the University's expectation that the housing unit is in the condition on record.  


When you move into your room, suite, or apartment, you will have the opportunity to complete a room condition report to report any damage in your space. This report is kept on file and updated when you move out. If there is new damage, you (and possibly your roommates) will receive notification that you have been charged. Damage appeals are available after damage billing has begun.

Failure to follow appropriate check-in or check-out procedures, or to leave by the officially stated time, may result in a $150 fee for improper check-out. Students will be notified of the check-in and check-out procedures by the Office of Residential Life.

Damage Appeals

Students who feel a lost key, improper checkout, and/or damage charge is unjustified, or who have evidence that they did not cause the damage, are able to submit a Damage Billing Appeal. Please note students cannot assign charges to other students.  

All appeals are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Please allow up to 15 business days for a decision to be made and communicated, as well as a student account updated. Appeals must be submitted by students using the online damage appeal form.  Appeals can not be accepted by email or over the phone. If you have any questions regarding the general damage billing appeals process, please email

As stated in your Housing Agreement:

Students are responsible for University property in their assigned unit and elsewhere in housing. The University reserves the right to assess against each identifiable resident any charge related to extra cleaning, removal of property not original to the space, and any necessary repair or replacement unrelated to normal wear and tear. If the University is unable to attribute an applicable charge item to a specific student or group of students, then University reserves a right to assess damages among the occupants of any applicable Unit.


When a damage charge is applied to a specific student, apartment, suite, floor, quad, or building, the Office of Residential Life will notify each student being billed for these charges. This notice will come in the form of a billing invoice that will be sent directly to a student’s University of Hartford email account. The charge will also be posted on the students account and students will receive an automated notice.

Report a Facilities Issue in your room/suite/apartment.

Report a Laundry Issue.

Please note that all first and second year students are required to live on campus unless they have received an exception from the Office of Residential Life.

If you are graduating, transferring, or are unsure whether you will be returning to campus housing, please follow the steps below. You can submit a request to withdraw from housing by emailing us at

Prepare your space
  • Take ALL personal items, furniture, property out of your room/suite/apartment
  • Remove all trash from your room/suite/apartment
  • Clean your room (mop/sweep/vacuum the floor; wipe down any University furniture; and make sure all personal items have been removed)
Check out of housing

Complete the checkout process by turning in your room/suite/apartment key(s) to the Office of Residential Life. Our hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

If you are unable to checkout during any of the hours available, please call the Office of Residential Life at 860.768.7909.

You should plan to give at least 24 hours advance notice if checking out during unscheduled hours. 

If you are not returning to campus housing for the Spring 2021 semester and do not return your keys by Friday December 18th at PM, you will be charged for a lock change: $120.00 for A - F complexes; $150.00 for Regents Park, Park River, and the Village. 

In order to avoid a lock change charge, be sure to properly checkout with a member of Residential Life. 

More information coming soon! Please contact us at with any questions.

Below you will find links for the medical housing request process. All requests will be processed by the Dean of Students office.

Academic Year 2021-2022 Medical Housing Request (Current Students Only)

Medical Housing Request Form - New & Transfer Students (Fall 2021-2022)


Living and sharing space with others requires communication and setting up a shared set of expectations. The Office of Residential Life helps facilitate this process by providing Roommate Agreements for all roommates and suite/apartment mates to complete. These help get the conversation with your roommates started and set up expectations for your space together.

Roommate Agreements are available online through your account. You need to log in with your Roompact username and password, which is emailed to your University of Hartford email after move-in.

Agreements are living, not static, and we encourage you and your roommates to revisit them whenever needed to re-negotiate your shared living space and expectations. If you need help navigating this conversation or talking through issues you have with your roommate, please reach out to your resident Assistant (RA). You RA is here to support you and all residents in your community as you adjust to living in your community.

More information coming soon! Please contact us at with any questions.

Housing Agreement and Policies

Below is the agreement and policy information for on-campus housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Housing Agreement

This Housing Agreement is (“Agreement”) entered into between the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut (“University”) and any Resident specified in the Agreement – or that resident’s parent or guardian if resident is a minor child  – named in that Agreement (“You” or “Your”) (each of You and University individually, a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”), and takes effect on the date specified in the Agreement (“Effective Date”).


  • You are a University student who has been accepted by University’s Office of Admissions and Student Financial Assistance, and are now seeking residential accommodations (including board that University requires for its residential students) in University’s on-campus student housing areas (“Housing”).
  • University through its Office of Residential Life (“ORL”) assigns Housing to its students in its Housing system for a full August to May academic year (“Year”), excluding any break/recess period or period extending beyond twenty-four hours after an individual student’s last final semester examination or the date Housing closes for the semester.
  • For this Agreement’s purposes, any reference to “You” or “Your” that pertains only to student circumstances or conduct means the Resident, notwithstanding any financial contractual obligation of Resident’s parent or guardian.
General Housing Policy

The Agreement has effect only to the extent space is available within Housing and its completion does not constitute a greater guarantee of available housing. This Agreement, incorporates by reference University’s housing application, The Source – The Student Handbook (“The Source”), and all other documentation put provided by the Office of Residential Life. You are subject to Housing’s policies, including each policy set forth in Exhibit A (attached and incorporated into the Agreement.

A. Definitions

  1. Key” means each key that Housing issues to You, as specified in the Agreement.
  2. License Period” means a period that begins on Effective Date and ends on Move-out Date (defined below), subject to any termination as set forth under this Addendum.
  3. Move-out Date” means the earlier date of:
    1. the end of each then-current Year;
    2. any date that You have returned the key to ORL; and
    3. the date the University terminates this Agreement.
  4. Unit” means each Housing feature (e.g., room/suite/apartment) specified in the Agreement.

B. License: In exchange for Your agreement to comply with the terms set forth herein, this Agreement grants to You a license to use the Unit throughout the License Period, subject to any contrary provision set forth under the Agreement. This license grant does not vest in You a property right as to that Unit, but instead a revocable privilege to occupy that Unit.

  1. Initiation; Completion. You must follow proper procedures to check in and out of the Unit as established by the ORL (see The Source and website).
  2. Keys. You must not duplicate, or transfer or give to another person any Key. You must report to ORL immediately upon any occurrence You lose any Key or discover the Key has been taken without your permission.
  3. Pets. You must not keep any pet in Housing other than fish in an aquarium having no larger than a twenty-gallon capacity. This paragraph’s prohibition does not apply to any so-called “Service Animal,” as defined by section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (see The Source).
  4. University Entry. The circumstances under which the University may enter Your Unit are set forth in The Source.

A. Annual Housing Fee

You must pay to University each per-semester charge for the Unit set forth in the Agreement, or that University prescribes otherwise, payable in advance and made in two installments: one-half by mid-August for the Fall semester, and one-half by mid-January for the Spring semester.

B. Missed Payment Consequences

If You fail to make any payment by its billing due date, then University has a right to cancel this Agreement.

C. Reassignment Fee

University has discretion to decrease any applicable charge upon any reassignment as set forth below, but must obtain Your consent before increasing the charge unless due to a room change that You accept.

D. Lock Change Fee

You must pay to University any charge assessed for any lock change that is necessary as a result of any lost or broken Key.

E. Energy Surcharge

You must pay any applicable energy surcharge that University assesses to cover any increase in an applicable Housing facility’s utilities cost.

F. Early Departure Charge

If You fail to complete Your residency at Housing for any reason, excluding an instance that University has released You from that residency (see The Source for procedure), then the University retains a right to assess an appropriate charge upon You for the room corresponding to the entire Year.

A. Definitions
  1. Director” means alternatively the ORL director or any University employee whom ORL’s director designates for an applicable Agreement activity.
  2. Term” means a period during which the Agreement has effect.
B. Term Duration
  1. Relationship to License Period. Despite the License Period, the Term begins on Effective Date and expires at the end of each then-current Year, including any applicable Year remainder portion.
  2. Effect of Move-Out. Despite any early Key return:
    1. The Agreement is binding upon the Parties throughout the Term, including any applicable Year remainder portion; and
    2. You remain bound under the Agreement throughout each then-current semester during the Year, including any period that remains after You have moved out from the Unit.

C. Termination of Your Housing

The University may in its sole discretion terminate the Agreement and this Addendum if You fail to maintain at least twelve credits per semester; violate the Agreement, any Addendum(s); violate any Housing or University rule, regulation, or policy; pose a risk to the health or safety of any resident; intentionally cause damage to the Unit or Housing; or fail to maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

D. Appeal

Upon determination that the University will terminate Your Housing as set forth in C above, you may appeal by:

1. Promptly notifying ORL Director of Your intent to appeal;
2. Sending a written appeal to ORL Director no later than five academic days after first receiving the removal notice; and
3. Sending each above communication in writing via hard-copy or by email.

E. Check-Out

Immediately upon ceasing Your Unit occupancy, You must return each Key.

F. Refunds

If the License Period terminates due to any violation of this Addendum or the Student Code of Conduct, then You forfeit any right to a refund of any portion of housing fees. Otherwise, if You have no other financial obligation to University after having completed Your Housing occupancy:

  1. Your housing deposit is refundable only after University has deducted any amount that corresponds to damage that has occurred (see The Source) (upon Your request, University must provide to You an itemized bill for any attributed damage); and
  2. Any refund is determined based upon any applicable refund schedule published by the University’s Bursar’s office.

If You reasonably foresee a need to first occupy Your room at any time after Your assigned arrival date, You must notify the ORL in writing before that assigned date. University has no duty to hold Your Unit later than the first day of classes, unless You have notified ORL of the late arrival and an ORL staff member in writing has acknowledged this notice. If You fail timely to provide that notice, You have no further right to the Unit and You forfeit your right to any applicable deposit return.

The assignment of Housing to You does not guarantee a particular Unit. University reserves a right for Director at any time to reassign You to any other Unit based on the University’s needs, subject to University’s appropriate charge adjustment.

Nonresident” means any individual not assigned as a resident to Your Unit whom You cause or permit to enter into Your Unit. You are responsible for any reasonably-foreseeable consequences of any Nonresident’s Housing behavior.  See The Source for specific Guest and Visitor policies and guidelines.

A. Inventory Verification

As circumstances require, Director on a case-by-case basis has discretion to specify any appropriate alternative date to verify the Unit’s check-in or check-out condition. Subject to that discretion, prior to, on or following the Effective Date and Move-out Date, University staff will conduct an inspection to verify the condition of the Unit, including any furniture or fixture in the Unit:

B. Damage to University-Owned Property

You are responsible for damage to your Unit and University-owned property assigned to that Unit during the License Period, excluding reasonable wear-and-tear and damage caused by the acts or omissions of the University.

C. Harm to Your Property

University is not liable for theft, loss or damage of your belongings stored or otherwise maintained in Housing. Students are encouraged to confirm coverage from their personal renter or homeowner’s insurance policies.

You must not move any University-owned property from any area that University has designated for the property’s specific use.

A. General Consent Required

This consent requirement under this paragraph applies to any material item within Housing and includes, without limitation: any addition or changing of any lock, removal of any window screen, alteration of any heating or light fixture, painting of any surface, or installation of any radio or television antenna. You must obtain University’s written consent before:

  1. Making any change or alteration;
  2. Dismantling, disassembling, or changing in any way equipment or furniture; or
  3. Placing, affixing, or attaching any article to any floor, wall, ceiling, furniture, or fixture.

B. Air Conditioning Units

You must follow proper procedures to install and/or have air conditioning in Unit or Housing as established by the ORL (see The Source and ORL website)

In the event of any conflict between the remaining terms of this Agreement and section IX, this section IX shall control. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Hartford has implemented policies and procedures focused on the continued health, safety, and security of each student resident. As a resident within University Housing, the COVID-19 pandemic or similar public health crises will impact Your housing experience as ORL continues to make public health-informed decisions. As a condition of living in Housing, the University requires You acknowledge and agree to comply with the following policies.

A.  Health and Safety

We expect all members of the University of Hartford Housing community—residents, staff and Nonresidents (if permitted)—to act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them, including respect and consideration for the health and safety of all community members. All residential students are prohibited from creating a health or safety hazard within Housing and the University may request or require You to leave Housing if Your continued presence in the housing community poses a risk to or shows disregard for the health and safety of community members. Residential students are required to comply with health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, and regulations, as well as University policies and guidelines, as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic or other public health crises. Expectations and requirements will evolve and may include, but are not limited to, social distancing, limitations on mass gatherings, wearing a face covering, COVID-19 diagnostic and surveillance testing (including before, upon arrival, during Year, or after return to campus), contact tracing, disinfection protocols, limitations on Nonresidents into residence halls, and quarantine/isolation requirements (including before, upon arrival, during Year, or after return to campus). Adherence to health and safety requirements applies to all residents, staff and Nonresidents and extends to all aspects of Housing, including, but not limited to, bedrooms, bathrooms, community kitchens, lounges, computer rooms, courtyards and other common spaces.

B.  Quarantine/Isolation/Separation

At any time, the University in its sole discretion, may request or require You to leave Housing when Your continued presence in Housing poses a health or safety risk for community members. You are required to comply with requests from ORL to leave Your assigned space due to COVID-19 or other public health emergencies. Failure to do so is a violation of this Agreement and may subject You to emergency removal from Your assigned Unit. Not all Units are appropriate for self-quarantine or self-isolation. In those situations where a student is recommended to self-quarantine or self-isolate, You may not be permitted to continue residing in Your Unit and will be provided alternative housing arrangements on or off campus as space allows. Removal from Your Unit and/or Housing to isolate or quarantine does not constitute a termination of Your Housing Agreement.

C.  Dining Services

Dining service, including where and how services will be offered to You, is subject to the sole discretion of the University and is subject to modification at any time to address public health concerns. Due to health and safety guidance adopted by the University or ORL, Dining may limit the occupancy of dining halls, require social distancing while in dining halls, limit the amount of time students may be present within dining halls or make other operational adjustments needed to address health and safety concerns.

D.  Cleaning

Facilities will continue to implement and modify their cleaning protocols to address COVID-19 or other public health emergencies in the interest of minimizing the spread of disease. ORL will educate and inform You on appropriate cleaning protocols within their assigned spaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within residence halls.

E.   Assumption of Risk and Release

You acknowledge that by residing in Housing during the 2020-2021 academic year, You may have an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19 that may result in or contribute to illness, personal injury or death. (You acknowledge, however, that the risk of exposure likewise exists in other non-Housing areas of campus.) You understand and voluntarily assume any and all risks to Your health that may result from exposure to COVID-19. You agree to release, indemnify and hold the University harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees, resulting from exposure to COVID-19. You further expressly agree that the foregoing waiver and assumption of risk agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law of the State of Connecticut and that if any portion is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full force and effect. By entering into this Agreement, You acknowledge You have read this waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement, fully understand its terms, and understand You are giving up substantial rights, including any right to sue.

F. Termination

The University reserves the right to revoke and end this Housing Agreement at any time in its sole discretion as the result of COVID-19 or other public health emergency. The University, at its sole discretion, may offer some credit or reimbursement to impacted students based on circumstances and information available at that time.

  1. Connecticut Law. Connecticut law applies in interpreting the Agreement, excluding any choice of laws provisions.
  2. Binding Affect. The Agreement is binding upon and inures to each signing Party including that respective Party’s heirs, administrators, executors, successors, and assigns.
  3. Right to Modify. The University may modify its housing and other policies at any time, with or without notice. Except as noted herein, the Agreement may not be modified without the express written consent of the University.
  4. Assignment; Subletting. You have no right at any time to assign your Agreement right to another person, sublet, loan, or transfer any portion of the Unit.
  5. Entire Agreement. The provisions set forth in the Agreement constitute an entire understanding between the Parties and supersede any communication or previous understanding with respect to its subject matter. No written or oral understanding – directly or indirectly related to this Agreement – exists that is not set forth in the Agreement.

Housing Policies

University has discretion to require any first-year and second-year University student to live in Housing on a space-available basis. University extends any occupancy license to any University student as a privilege, and not a right. To be eligible for Housing a University student must:

  1. Be enrolled in classes for the duration of time they are living on campus; and
  2. Maintain at least twelve credit hours per each semester to which that assignment applies.

A new University student must include a $500 admission deposit with each Housing application. One hundred and fifty dollars of the admission deposit serves as a housing reservation, becomes a security deposit upon occupancy, and is required with the student’s application. This deposit reserves a space in Housing on a first-come, first-served basis. After Housing is filled to capacity, University places any applicant who submits that deposit on a waiting list in order of deposits received.

If Housing is filled, then the University reserves a right to place You in an overflow accommodation until a regular Unit is available. Any student who chooses to withdraw a housing application must notify ORL. University has no duty to refund a deposit that it receives unless an unforeseen circumstance makes it necessary to initiate withdrawal from Housing.

The $75 Housing Application Fee is non-refundable and required for returning students to participate in room selection. Participating in room selection includes choosing a space during your assigned timeslot or being assigned a space.

It is important the Office of Residential Life has accurate information as to who will be living on-campus for the 2021–2022 academic year. Students requesting a housing refund will be held to the following policy and timelines:

Date Refund Policy
Before May 31 A $425.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
June 1–prior to moving in or Aug. 22 (whichever comes first) A $600.00 cancellation fee will be charged.
Move-in date or Aug. 23 (whichever comes first)–Aug. 29 Housing fees will be refunded in the amount of 50% of the semester.
Aug. 30 and after No refund will be issued.

Refunds are effective the date a written request for withdrawal from housing is made to the Office of Residential Life.

Students who do not select or are not assigned a room as part of room selection will not be charged a cancellation fee.

As a reminder, the University housing requirement requires full-time undergraduate students to live in on-campus housing and participate in a meal plan during their first two years, barring outlined exceptions. Students not granted an exception will be charged standard pricing for room and board as a part of our routine building procedures, and subject to the above deadlines.


Housing is assigned for a full Year.

New Students

University makes Housing assignments for new students after receiving each deposit and properly-completed housing application. University sends each new student’s room assignment to the student’s University email address by early August.

Returning Students

Each returning student in good standing is entitled to choose that student’s room annually during Housing’s designated room selection period in the Spring Semester. After that period, returning students may be assigned to a Unit by ORL as necessary.

Per Student Code: Violations of University rules and regulations are determined by procedures set forth in The Source Student Handbook. 

Commercial Enterprises, Solicitations, Unapproved Activities: It is understood that Residential Facilities and the campus in general are for the use of registered students, University guests, and University conferees only. University prohibits any other use, including any commercial enterprise, unapproved activity or solicitation by any external agent.


Any student who does not comply with the University’s consolidation policy may be assessed an additional room charge and/or may face Student Conduct action and cancellation of Housing Agreement. When any vacancy occurs in a Unit, the ORL may implement its consolidation policy, requiring You to move:

  1. Out of a given area (e., the Complexes, Hawk Hall, Regents Park, Park River, or the Village Apartments, Asylum Avenue Campus); or
  2. To a different assignment within that area.
Administrative Moves

Upon Director’s sole determination of need, a You may be directed to move to another assignment. University makes reasonable efforts to ensure You are given adequate time for the move, but establishing this time frame is the sole responsibility of the Director. If the You fail to comply with a request, then You become subject to a Student Conduct action and/or termination of the Agreement.

Student-Initiated Change

Any student who desires a room change must follow each applicable procedure that the ORL outlines. Any student involved in an unauthorized room change is subject to Student Conduct action.

University does not provide insurance for Your personal property. You are strongly advised:

  1. Not to bring to campus any item of extraordinary value;
  2. To obtain an inventory all personal belongings;
  3. To maintain a record of applicable serial numbers whenever possible; and
  4. To arrange for adequate coverage through an insurance agent (such as an agent whom Your parent has engaged).

You are responsible for University property in Your assigned Unit and elsewhere in Housing. University reserves a right to assess against each identifiable resident any charge related to extra cleaning, removal of property not original to the space, and any necessary repair or replacement unrelated to normal wear and tear. If the University is unable to attribute an applicable charge item to a specific student or group of students, then University reserves a right to assess damages among the occupants of any applicable Unit.

KEYS: With the exception of Hawk Hall residents, University issues You at the time of check-in an appropriate key to Your Unit.

SEARCH PERMIT: A search permit must be secured from Director before a search of Your Unit by appropriate University staff, in enforcing any regulation or policy that is included in The Source, and/or the Housing Agreement. In searching an area, closed areas, such as closets and drawers may be opened.

INSPECTION: Approximately once per month, the ORL will examine – or have examined – Units for compliance with health and safety standards. (See The Source), or to assess the condition of applicable furnishings and/or fixtures.