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Housing Resources

There are a lot of questions that come up when you are living on campus—what do I do if I lose my key? How do I request to change rooms? How can I request for something to get fixed in my room? Find the answers below.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us. 


Key Information

Room access

When you reside in most on-campus housing, you will use your University of Hartford student ID card to access the exterior door of your assigned residence hall. In addition, you will receive one or two keys, depending on your housing assignment, to access the suite floor, apartment, and/or bedroom doors.  

Are you locked out?

For assistance stop by the Office of Residential Life during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. From 4:30-7:30 p.m. you can call Public Safety 860.768.7985. After 7:30 p.m. contact your resident assistant on duty.

  • You will be asked to provide your student ID or an alternate form of identification.

  • Your room assignment will be verified.

  • You may incur a lock-out charge. Below is the schedule of charges. The charges apply for the full academic year.

Lock out charges:

  • First lock out: no charge

  • Second lock out: $10

  • Third lock out: $15

  • Fourth lock out: $20

  • Fifth lock out: $25

Have you lost your keys?

  • Come to the Office of Residential Life between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • You will be asked to provide your student ID or an alternate form of identification.

  • You will have 72 hours after you complete the lost key form to continue looking for your lost key.  

  • Your room assignment will be verified prior to issuing a temporary key. Keys cannot be issued to friends or relatives.

  • The cost of a lock change is always the responsibility of the resident and it applies whether your key is lost or stolen.

  • Temporary keys are to be returned when new keys are issued.


  • Per occurrence in the Complexes: $120

  • Per occurrence in the Village Apartments: $150

  • Emergency lock change on weekends: $180-$240

Safety tip: you should not prop doors or leave your residence hall door unlocked for any reason, including a lost key.

Damage Appeals

Room Damage

When you move into your room, suite, or apartment, you will have the opportunity to complete a room condition report to report any damage in your space. This report is kept on file and updated when you move out. If there is new damage, you (and possibly your roommates) will receive notification that you have been charged. Damage appeals are available after damage billing has begun.

Failure to follow appropriate check-in or check-out procedures, or to leave by the officially stated time, may result in a $50 fee for improper check-out. Students will be notified of the check-in and check-out procedures by the Office of Residential Life.

Report A Facility Problem

Report a Facilities Issue in your room/suite/apartment.

Report a Laundry Issue.

Request A Room Change

We encourage that all students complete a Roommate Agreement and attempt to talk through their conflict before requesting a room change. Your Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD) can help with this.

If you do decided to request a room change, the process opens around the third week of the fall and spring semesters.All Room Change Request forms are located in your account. You must log into Roompact to view and complete these forms. After you complete this request, your Resident Director (RD) will be in touch in 2-3 business days to discuss your request and talk about next steps.

If you have any questions, contact your Resident Director (RD) or Residential Life.

Cancelling Housing

Send an email from your Hartford email account to notifying us of your intention to cancel housing. Notifications of withdrawal received before July 1 are eligible for a refund of the $150.00 housing deposit if there is no remaining balance on the student’s account.

The Office of Residential Life follows the University of Hartford tuition refund schedule which you can find here

You must return your key(s) to the Office of Residential Life after you remove all items from your room/suite/apartment.

Medical Housing Requests

Below you will find links for the medical housing request process. All requests will be processed by the Dean of Students office.

Academic Year 2020-2021 Medical Housing Request (Current Students ONLY)

The form for new incoming students to request Medical Housing accommodations will be available after May 1, 2020 for the 2020-2021 year. You can still start the process by completing your Housing Application through your Self-Service account, as this is required by all students who live on campus.

Winter Term Housing

If you live on campus in the fall and are continuing your studies in the spring, you can apply for Winter Term housing as long as you are registered for at least one in-person Winter Term course (on-line classes do not count), you are working on campus during Winter Term, or if you are an international student.

How to apply:

  1. Please fill out a housing application by logging into the Self-Service Center using your University of Hartford ID and password. After you log in, click on the student tab at the top left side of the page, then on Residential Life. This will take you to the housing portal, where you can fill out and submit your housing application.
  2. If you have not already, you must pay your housing deposit of $150 in the Self-Service Center. Click on the student tab on the top left side of the page, then student financial records.

Important information:

  • Winter housing will open one day before the start of Winter Term classes.
  • Please note that during Winterterm no meal plans are offered from campus Dining Services.
  • Students found to be residing in a room without appropriate authorization will be charged the per-day rate and will be removed from campus housing.

Summer Term Housing

You are able to apply for Summerterm housing if you are either enrolled in an in-person Summerterm class, working full-time for a University department, you are interning for credit locally, or is an international student.

Steps to apply for Summer housing?

  1. Please fill out a housing application by logging into the Self-Service Center using your University of Hartford ID and password. After you log in, click on the student tab at the top left side of the page, then on Residential Life. This will take you to the housing portal, where you can fill out and submit your housing application. Remember to apply for each term.
  2. If you haven’t already, you must pay your housing deposit of $150 in the Self-Service Center. Click on the student tab on the top left side of the page, then student financial records.

If approved for summer housing, you pay on a weekly basis. Summer rates are $236 per week for a single room and $202 per week for a double room. Summer Term housing is not available from the end of Summer Session II through move in for the fall semester.

Roommate Agreements

Living and sharing space with others requires communication and setting up a shared set of expectations. The Office of Residential Life helps facilitate this process by providing Roommate Agreements for all roommates and suite/apartment mates to complete. These help get the conversation with your roommates started and set up expectations for your space together.

Roommate Agreements are available online through your account. You need to log in with your Roompact username and password, which is emailed to your University of Hartford email after move-in.

Agreements are living, not static, and we encourage you and your roommates to revisit them whenever needed to re-negotiate your shared living space and expectations. If you need help navigating this conversation or talking through issues you have with your roommate, please reach out to your resident Assistant (RA). You RA is here to support you and all residents in your community as you adjust to living in your community.

Request to Stay Late

Residents are expected to leave their housing assignment at the end of each semester within 24 hours of their last final or by the date University housing closes for the semester. This date can be found in the academic calendar and will be in email and UNotes leading up to the end of the semester. We expect that students take these dates into account when planning for the end of the semester.

The form will be available in July. 

The Office of Residential Life will review your request and respond within 2-3 business days.

Reasons for requests could include transportation issues, working on campus, or participating in graduation activities.

Request to Arrive Early

Residents can request to move into their campus housing a few days before the residence halls open for the semester. Reasons for requests could include working on campus, interning locally for credit, or academic commitment. The Office of Residential Life may require verification from your professor/advisor/supervisor before approving your request.

The returning students looking to request to arrive early must complete the form found here.

New students looking to request to arrive early must email for consideration.

Housing Agreement and Policies

Below is the policy and agreement information for on-campus housing. 

Housing Agreement Information


UHart has the discretion to require any first and second year student to live in housing on a space available basis. UHart may extend an occupancy license to any student as a privilege, and not a right.

To be eligible for a housing assignment a student must:

  • Be enrolled in classes for the duration of time that they are living on campus; and
  • Maintain at least twelve credit hours per each semester to which that assignment applies.

Financial Obligations

Deposit and Refunds

New Students

A new student must include a $500 admission deposit with each housing application. This deposit reserves a space in housing on a first-come, first-served basis. Once housing is filled to capacity, UHart places any applicant who submits that deposit on a waiting list in order in which the deposits are received.

If residence halls are full, then UHart reserves the right to temporarily place a student in an overflow accommodation until regular space is available. Any student who chooses to withdraw a housing application must notify UHart's Admission Office no later than May 1.

UHart has no duty to refund a deposit that it receives after the May 1 withdrawal deadline unless an unforeseen circumstance makes it necessary to initiate withdrawal from the Addendum.

If a student pays the deposit by the first Monday in May, then that student will receive a housing assignment. One hundred and fifty dollars of the admission deposit serves as a housing reservation and becomes a security deposit upon occupancy. This deposit is required with the student’s application.

Returning Students

Any returning student who decides to withdraw from this Addendum and wishes a refund of the security deposit must notify the Office of Residential Life in writing by July 1. The room reservation deposit is non-refundable if that student has participated in any aspect of the room selection process. That student must pay a non-refundable room reservation deposit to be eligible for housing again during any upcoming year.

Food Service

All residential students must purchase a non-commuter meal plan each semester.

Reservations and Assignments


Housing is assigned for a full year.

New Students

UHart makes housing assignments for new students after receiving each deposit and properly completed form. In early August, UHart sends each new student’s room assignment to the student’s UHart email address.

Returning Students 

Each returning student in good standing is entitled to choose their room annually during the designated room selection period in April. After that period, returning students may be assigned to a space by the Office of Residential Life as necessary.


Per Student Code: Violations of University rules and regulations are determined by procedures set forth in The Source Student Handbook. 

Commercial Enterprises, Solicitations, Unapproved Activities: It is understood that residential facilities and the campus in general are for the use of registered students, University guests, and University conferees only. University of Hartford prohibits any other use, including any commercial enterprise, unapproved activity, or solicitation by any external agent.



Any student who does not comply with the University’s consolidation policy may be assessed an additional room charge and/or may face Student Conduct action and cancellation of their housing contract. When any vacancy occurs in a residential area, the Office of Residential Life may implement its consolidation policy, requiring a student to move:

  1. Out of a given area (i.e., the Complexes, Hawk Hall, Regents Park, Park River, or the Village Apartments, Asylum Avenue Campus); or
  2. To a different assignment within that area.

Admistrative Moves

Upon the Director’s sole determination of need, a student may be directed to move to another assignment. UHart makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the student is given adequate time for the move, but establishing this time frame is the sole responsibility of the Office of Residential Life administrator involved in the situation. If the student fails to comply with that request, then the student becomes subject to a Student Conduct action and/or termination of their Agreement.

Student Initiated Change

Any student who desires a room change must follow each applicable procedure that the Office of Residential Life outlines. Any student involved in an unauthorized room change is subject to Student Conduct action.

Resident Property Loss

UHart does not provide insurance for a student’s personal property. Each student is strongly advised to:
  • Not bring any item of extraordinary value to campus;
  • Obtain an inventory of all personal belongings;
  • Maintain a record of applicable serial numbers whenever possible; and
  • Arrange for adequate coverage through an insurance agent that the student or their parents have engaged on their own.

Damage to University Property

Residents are responsible for University property in their assigned space and elsewhere in any residential facility. UHart reserves the right to assess against each identifiable resident, any charge related to extra cleaning, removal of property not original to the space, and any necessary repair or replacement unrelated to normal wear and tear. If the University is unable to attribute an applicable charge item to a specific student or group of students, then UHart reserves the right to assess damages among the occupants of any applicable room, suite, or apartment.

Additional Information

KEYS: With the exception of Hawk Hall residents, UHart issues each student any appropriate key to the their room/suite/apartment/building at the time of check-in.

SEARCH PERMIT: A search permit must be secured from the Director before a search is performed by appropriate UHart staff of a student's room/suite/apartment to enforce any regulation or policy that is included in The Source, The University of Hartford Bulletin, and/or the Housing Contract. During the search of an area, closets and drawers may be opened.

INSPECTION: Approximately once per month, the Office of Residential Life staff will examine – or have examined – rooms/suites/apartments for compliance with health and safety standards (See The Source: Guide to Residential Life, Health and Safety inspections), or to assess the condition of applicable furnishings and/or fixtures.