Alumni Spotlights
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Alumni Spotlights

Jacky Lamenzo '12


"I want to show others that even if the path isn't what we expected, it can still come full-circle. I am not teaching as I originally expected, but I just wrote my first children's book with the knowledge I learned in my undergrad program." Read more

Lenny Masiello '69, P'98


"It is still hard to believe that 50 years have passed since graduating from the University. I sincerely believe my careers with both Square D and the military would not have been possible without attending and graduating from the University of Hartford." Read more.


Megan Marino '11 and Julie Oberholtzer '13


"Find what you want to do and do it 100 percent. It is going to take a lot of dedication and hard work to get where you want to be, but it will be worth it in the end." Megan Marino '11 and Julie Oberholtzer '13 used their UHart education to co-found LIFE Tutoring, a center that pairs research with practical classroom help. Read more.


Laura Dinan Haber '07


"I volunteer for the University of Hartford and the Alumni Association Board so I can share with others what the University and its professors helped me find within myself: global curiosity, creative perspective, and passion to make the world a better place." Read more


Christiana Lang '12


"The alumni network is an incredible force... It inspires me to hear what drives students toward their goals and what their plans after graduation are. I believe in facilitating connections to create more synergy around a topic or a shared belief." Read more.


Garrett Young '13


"I never imagined that I would find a core group that I would end up considering my lifelong friends. These friends you make during college will stand by you through the best and worst of times." Read more.


Carolyn Schwartz '16


"I chose a completely different path my sophomore year by joining a sorority and becoming a resident assistant...I realized my true potential as a leader when I became the president of my sorority and, by becoming an RA, found ways to help the community and get involved." Read more.


Lillianna Pereira '02


"I am lucky enough to design magazines for a living. Being asked to work on the magazine for my own alma mater was a dream assignment because I know this place. I honed my skills here. I found my voice here." Read more.


Chris Speakman '98


"UHart was a wonderful experience for me. Even though I graduated almost 20 years ago, I still cherish the many friendships I made there...UHart was a benchmark for me, both personally and professionally." Read more.


Aika Aluc '16


"There are a lot of opportunities that are readily available that wouldn't be at a larger university... You can really get to know your professors. The smaller class sizes make it feasible to create personal relationships." Read more.


Wayne Lawrence A'10, '13


"Choosing to attend Hillyer College was one of the best decisions I made...To this day, I remain in communication with my classmates from Hillyer, and we have yet to stop our tradition of celebrating each other’s accomplishments." Read more.


Anna Audycki '14


"I plan to stay connected to the University indefinitely... As alumni, we all share a degree from UHart, so I feel as though if we stay connected and promote UHart connections, we are also helping ourselves." Read more.


Joseph Beahm '12


"Explore your interests; learn what makes you happy and what doesn't. Go outside of your comfort zone and take a class that you might not have any interest in at the moment, and who knows, you might come out with a new hobby or appreciation for something. I know I did." Read more from Joseph.


Brian Monks '14, M'15


"Committing to UHart to play lacrosse was one of the best decisions I have ever made." After getting his bachelor's and master's in just four years, Brian Monks achieved success at a Big Four firm in NYC. Now, he's traded it in, living the dream and exploring the world. Read more from Brian.


Latasha Jarrett Raineault '08, D'10

LaTasha Profile Photo.jpg

"I feel blessed to have maintained so many strong relationships from my UHart experience.... Staying connected to UHart allows me the opportunity to stay in touch with these friends and classmates as  the years go by. By giving back to UHart, it provides me with a way to allow a future student to share in the same positive experience that I had." Read more from Latasha.


Joey Battaglia '04


"When I setted in Hartford after graduating, I knew immediately it was a city on the 'rise.' ... Once I created a name for myself and my work, I found it necessary to give back to the many people and followers that had supported me in my rise. Being an educator as well as a performer, helping the youth in addition to teaching them was an easy decision." Read more from Joey.


Carolyn Reibling Bligh '87

Carolyn Bligh-headshot.png

"Thanks goes to the UHart community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends). They make it easy to be a part of the community and to give back and help. I've been engaged in many different roles over the years, and now am so honored to serve as the Alumni President. We are one big family that supports and helps each other. #UHart4Life." Read more from Carolyn.