Hartt Supplemental Application
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Hartt Supplemental Application

Undergraduate applicants need to submit the Common Application to the University of Hartford and complete this supplemental application. This form can also be completed through getacceptd.com/hartt

If you do not plan on submitting the Common Application, you may apply using our online application instead.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on submitting a recorded audition (available for those who live more than 300 miles from West Hartford, CT) you should NOT complete this form but instead submit our supplemental application and your recorded audition through getacceptd.com/harttAll recorded auditions must be received by February 16, 2019.

Applicant Name

First Name: *

Middle Name:

Last Name: *

Applicant Address

Street Address: *

City (Province/Country should be entered here if living outside of the US): *

State :

Zip or Postal Code: *

Phone and Email Information

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Applicant's Email Address: *

Parent Email Address:

Applicant Information

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): *

Are you a US Citizen or Permanent Resident?: *

If no, what is your country of citizenship?:

Education Information

Proposed Term of Entrance: *

I will enter as a: *

Name of High School: *

Name of community music school/performing arts high school attended:

The Hartt School requires two artistic letters of recommendation. Please indicate below the name, school name (if appropriate), address (street, city, state, zip), and email address of each of your recommenders.

Please Note: This webform does not notify recommenders to submit a letter on your behalf. Letters of recommendation can either be emailed by the recommender to harttadm@hartford.edu or sent to the Hartt Admissions office.

Recommender 1 Name: *

Recommender 1 Email: *

Recommender 1 Address:

Recommender 2 Name: *

Recommender 2 Email: *

Recommender 2 Address:

What factors influenced your decision to apply to The Hartt School?: *

If a member of your family attended or graduated from The Hartt School, please indicate their name, relationship to you, and approximate dates of attendance:

Transfer Students Only

Are you currently attending college?:

What college(s) are you attending/have you attended?:

What were your dates of attendance?:

All students transferring into The Hartt School from a U.S. college or university who are music majors at their current school must complete the transfer release form and submit it with their application.

Choose your Major and Request your Audition/Interview Date

Applicants are expected to focus on a single program of interest prior to making application.

Please note: The Music Education (4-year) major is not available to jazz concentration applicants. The Jazz Studies and Music Education-Instrumental Emphasis is offered for the following concentrations and requires an audition in both jazz and classical areas:

  • Jazz Saxophone
  • Jazz Trombone
  • Jazz Trumpet

Select no more than one degree and major: *

If you have selected a music program, please indicate your instrument/voice type and whether classical or jazz:

If you have a teacher preference, please indicate:

Are you planning to minor in a field outside of the arts?: *

If yes, what field?:

Select an audition/interview date:

First Choice: *

Second Choice: *

Third Choice:

Part IV - Supplemental Materials


Describe your short-and-long-term career plans. Include:
A. What life experience(s) caused you to want to pursue the arts?
B. How do you perceive The Hartt School will prepare you for your professional career?

Please only attach a word document or PDF

Upload your essay here:


A resume is required for all applicants. It should be a performance resume for all those applying to BM or BFA programs or an experience resume for those applying to a BA program. 

Please only attach a word document or PDF

Upload your resume here:

Repertoire List

All music applicants must submit a repertoire list. Theatre and Dance applicants are not required to submit a repertoire list.

Please only attach a word document or PDF

Upload your repertoire list here:

Thank you for completing The Hartt School's Supplemental Application. Please take a moment to ensure accuracy of the above information before clicking the submit button below.