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Programs of Study

The English Language Institute (ELI) of the University of Hartford offers a comprehensive academic program designed for International Students who need to improve their English language skills.

Students receive 22 hours of instruction per week in the classroom and the Resource Center/ELI Language Lab. This is supplemented by work in private tutorial sessions and through independent study using the updated technology available in the Language Lab.  Courses emphasize oral/aural skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar usage, and writing skills development.

The English Language Institute is located on the University's main campus. ELI students have the full privileges of the Mortensen Library, the Gengras Student Union, and the Health Resource Center.

Classes are small, and students are placed according to the results of entry tests taken during the ELI orientation program the first day of the semester. The ELI has proven to be an excellent transition from studying in one's native language to full-time academic work in English. In addition to improving language skills, the ELI provides the necessary background in United States academic protocols and American culture. The classes are separated into the following levels:

Level I: Low-Intermediate Proficiency

Students in this level usually study for three or four semesters before achieving proficiency suitable for academic study. (TOEFL 400+ PBT / 30 iBT)

Level 2: High-Intermediate Proficiency

Students in this level usually study for two or three semesters before achieving proficiency appropriate for academic study. Note-taking and test-taking practices are given at this level. (TOEFL 450+ PBT / 45-46 iBT  or successful completion of ESL 051)

Level 3: Advanced Proficiency

Advanced students usually study for one or two semesters before beginning academic study. Eligible students participate in the Academic Challenge Program (admission by placement test) where they take one academic course for credit. This course is considered part of the students' full time program. (TOEFL 500+ PBT / 61 iBT or successful completion of ESL 052)

ELI Academic Program

The ELI offers three semesters of instruction each year. The fall and spring terms each are 15 weeks long, beginning in late August and ending in mid-May. There is a four-week semester break from mid-December until mid-January. Two six-week summer sessions are offered from mid-May to mid-August. Students should consult the academic calendar in order not to arrive before campus facilities are open.

ELI Cultural Activities

Students in the English Language Institute have the opportunity to share cross-cultural experiences and participate in typical American activities such as picnics, barbecues, campus musical and theatrical performances, sports events, and out-of-town trips to such places as New York City and Boston.

Of equal importance is the rich and diversified cultural heritage international students bring to the University of Hartford community. Each spring, during the International Week, students broaden horizons of the community through a festival including native country exhibits, a food bazaar and international potluck dinner, and a parade in native dress.

Special Programs

Language courses for international professionals. Courses are tailored to group needs with the focus on the development of good communication skills in English - fluid and effective speech, clear and direct writing, and persuasive public presentations.

Special program tuition and fees will vary according to course needs.