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A to Z Directory
Please select a letter or number from the list below:

A&S Biology & Health Sciences860.768.4531 Website
A&S Chemistry860.768.4531 Website
A&S Cinema860.768.5544  
A&S Computer Science860.768.4684 Website
A&S English860.768.4315 Website
A&S History860.768.4234  
A&S Judaic Studies860.768.4964  
A&S Math860.768.4684 Website
A&S Philosophy860.768.4743  
A&S Physics860.768.4684 Website
A&S Political Science860.768.4234 Website
A&S Pre-Dental860.768.4506 Website
A&S Psychology860.768.4544 Website
A&S Resource Center860.768.5325  
A&S Rhetoric, Language & Culture860.768.4743 Website
A&S School of Communication860.768.4633 Website
A&S School of Communication Adj. Faculty860.768.5474  
A&S Student Services860.768.4257  
Academic Division (Hartt)860.768.4447  
Academic Services - Barney (Barney)860.768.4444  
Academic Studies (Hartt)860.768.4895  
Accounting Office-Financial Affairs860.768.4651 Website
Accounts Receivable860.768.4999  
Acoustics Lab860.768.4812  
Admission & Student Financial Aid860.768.4296 Website
Admission Director860.768.4181  
Admission, Undergrad Prog.860.768.4296 Website
African American Music860.768.4820  
African American Student Association860.768.4710  
African American Studies860.768.4526  
All University Curriculum860.768.4705  
Allen Library, Circulation Desk860.768.4491  
American Laundry & Dry Cleaners860.768.7935  
Anonymous Tip Line 860.768.7827  
Applied Music860.768.4461  
Aramark - University Commons860.768.4798  
ARAMARK Conferences860.768.4996  
ARAMARK Meal Plan Office860.768.4829 Website
Art Art 
Art Art History Slide Library860.768.4740artschool@hartford.eduWebsite
Art History (Art) 
Art History Slide Library (Art)860.768.4740artschool@hartford.eduWebsite
Art Multimedia Web Design and Development860.768.4039webmaster@mwd.hartford.eduWebsite
Arts & Sciences860.768.4255  
Ask HR! Information Requests860.768.4666askhr@hartford.eduWebsite
Asylum Avenue Campus - Public Safety Office860.768.5677  
Asylum Avenue Campus Garage/Security860.768.5603  
Asylum Avenue Campus Housekeeping860.768.5648  
Asylum Avenue Campus Rentals860.768.5640  
Asylum Avenue Campus Science Center860.768.2019  
Asylum Avenue Campus Security860.768.5677  
Athletics Ticket Office860.768.4295 Website
Athletics-Facilities Director860.768.4650  
Athletics-Main Number860.768.4638  
Athletics-Sports Medicine860.768.5049  
AUC Director860.768.4705  
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