An Invitation to the Study of Complexity
The van Rooy Center for Complexity and Conflict Analysis invites students of the University of Hartford to join in the study of complexity. With speakers, seminars and the opportunity for collaborative research, you will better understand the world and discover fundamental rules that we as human beings need to know and apply. The science of complexity has the potential to contribute to the avoidance of conflict, to the prevention of disasters, to political stability, to improved nutrition, and to the protection of the environment.

For most students, the study of complexity will not replace your major. It will be introduced through modules in a number of courses found throughout the curriculum. You will find that the study of complexity will complement your basic understanding of a discipline — be it chemistry or English — and provide you with a way of seeing the world that is useful in any career. We hope to make it a hallmark of graduates of the University of Hartford. Join us in this exciting new field.