Birce Tanriguden

Birce  Tanriguden headshot


HCD Music

Hartt Community Division

PhD, University of Hartford

MM, University of Hartford

BM, Bilkent University

Birce Tanriguden has been teaching music since 2007 and has been a frequent presenter on the subject of diversity and inclusion in music education at national and state-wide conferences in the US. Her research interests include gender-responsive music education, music teacher education, and the comparison of music teaching methods. Tanriguden holds music theory composition and pedagogy credentials and is a certified academic coach. Currently, she is pursuing a doctoral degree in music education at The Hartt School. In addition to her role at Hartt Community Division, she is an adjunct faculty member, student-teacher supervisor at the Hartt School's music education undergraduate program, and administrative assistant at the Hartt School’s theatre division.

Birce Tanriguden’s teaching philosophy is based on student-driven and culturally responsive education that adapts to the assumptions of critical pedagogy. Her goal is to help students develop a lifelong love of music while promoting their musical independence. She approaches all her students as unique individuals, each with cognitive and affective development, abilities, motivations, aspirations, learning styles, needs, interests, and capacities. Thus, she prioritizes getting to know her students first, then designs individually tailored lessons. She believes that advancing in an instrument is not limited to technique, facility, and expression; it also requires intellectuality in music theory and history. She also believes this intellectuality is beyond remembering the facts and rules and should be internalized through creating, responding, and connecting music. Therefore, her teaching approach incorporates the components of listening, analyzing, and interpreting music, as well as performing.

  • Curriculum Design
  • Assessment in Music Education
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice in Education