The All-University Curriculum

The All-University Curriculum is a liberal education curriculum which instills the desire to learn, develops the ability to learn, and views learning as a lifelong endeavor.

The curriculum provides students the very best preparation for life and for their careers. Through interdisciplinary courses emphasizing classical and contemporary knowledge, this curriculum focuses on the core of learning that is essential for the well-educated adult. In this way, students develop a sound foundation in important areas outside the major.

As undergraduate students take courses in the All-University Curriculum, they are introduced, perhaps for the first time, to fields of knowledge that may hold special opportunities for them. Many students who begin college have not decided on a major or profession. The All-University Curriculum encourages students to explore majors in a thoughtful way and thus may lead them to new interests and career choices.

When students enter the University of Hartford, they become part of a learning community. Through the active involvement integral to All-University courses, a community of helping and supportive students and faculty develops. The University of Hartford becomes a true community of learners.