Academic Calendar

Full Academic Calendar

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Below are key dates and deadlines for the 2021–22 academic year.

Please note, dates may be subject to change.

Fall 2021

Aug. 15–16 Virtual Orientation
Aug. 20 Final registration
Aug. 20-22 Residence halls open for move in
Aug. 20–22 First-year student: Start Strong Sessions 1 and 2
Aug. 23 Classes begin
Sep. 6 Labor Day - University holiday
Sep. 13 4-week Compass Progress Survey
Oct. 11 8-week Compass Progress Survey
Oct. 15–17 Hawktober Weekend
Nov. 20 Thanksgiving recess begins*
Nov. 29 Classes resume
Dec. 6 Classes end
Dec. 7 Reading Day
Dec. 8 Final examinations begin**
Dec. 14 Final examinations end
Dec. 15 Residence halls close

Winter 2022

Jan. 3 Winterterm begins
Jan. 14 Winterterm ends

Spring 2022

Jan. 16 Residence halls open
Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Day – University Holiday
Jan. 18 Final registration
Jan. 19 Classes begin
Feb. 16 4-week Compass Progress Survey
Mar. 12 Spring recess begins*
Mar. 21 8-week Compass Progress Survey
Mar. 21 Classes resume
May 3 Classes end
May 4 Reading Day
May 5 Final examinations begin**
May 11 Final examinations end

Below are more important dates to help you plan ahead.

May 16–July 1 Summer Session I
July 5–August 15 Summer Session CVV


Aug. 19 Final registration
Aug. 19-20 Preview Session 5
Aug. 20 Residence halls open for new students only
Aug. 20 First-year student orientation: Liftoff
Aug. 20 University Convocation
Aug. 20 Residence halls open for returning students
Aug. 22 Classes begin
Sep. 5 Labor Day – University Holiday
Nov. 19 Thanksgiving recess begins*
Nov. 28 Classes resume
Dec. 5 Classes end
Dec. 6 Reading Day
Dec. 7 Final examinations begin**
Dec. 13 Final examinations end
Dec. 14 Residence halls close
Jan. 15 Residence halls open
Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Day – University Holiday
Jan. 17 Final registration
Jan. 18 Classes begin
Mar. 11 Spring recess begins*
Mar. 20 Classes resume
May 2 Classes end
May 3 Reading Day
May 4 Final examinations begin**
May 10 Final examinations end

Please note, dates may be subject to change.